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    I was reading through the readme file just like i always do before every installation, and as i read the INSTALL part it says to copy the aircraft folder to fs9/aircraft and gauges and effects to fs9/gauges an effects respectively. This normally wouldnt be a problem except my dload didnt come w/ any guages or effects. Did anyone else experience this? If so let me know what you did.

    Also i searched all over avsim for the VC files but with no luck. If someone could tell where else i could find them or send them to me that would be great.

    THNX in advance
    Take care,

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    Yes, I think it was just a misprint because the download contained everything in one file. Also I believe I saw a VC uploaded today on one of the sites, Think it was AVSIM.......Dennis

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    You need to download the aircraft, effects and vc files. The gauge file is in the vc zip file. The effects file gives you various lighting and other visual effects.
    You will also need some decent sounds for it, as the sound.cfg is wrong. You can either change the line to read:
    OR you can go to AVSIM and search and download
    Put all the sounds into the 757's sound folder, rename the original sound.cfg file to original_sound.cfg and then put the new sound.cfg file in the sound folder.
    This is my list of files for the POSKY 757... = another sound set - d/l from AVSIM - 757 sound set - d/l from AVSIM


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    Did anyone get a decent panel to work? - I tried a couple available for POSKY but without success.

    I added the additional sound package from the:-

    PRIMO Collection
    United Airlines 757-200 ETOPS

    ...but placed it in the "fsfsconv" folder and aliased it from there - this way you can use the same sound folder for all your 757's without taking up unnecessary HD space - just a thought.

    Judging from other memeber's posts and my own experience POSKY models seem to be rather complex to install (but well worth the effort) with many separate downloads for vc textures, decent panel and sound to name a few of the trips in store for would be add-on enthusiasts.


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    I installed this 757 and it had no sound very strange

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    Once again another great looking aircraft from posky and yet again another poor install process. :(

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    Read post number 2!
    The sound.cfg file supplied with this 757 is wrong, but you can give it either default 737 sounds or excellent sounds by following the instructions in post 2, but follow Dave's excellent idea of putting it in fsfsconv folder.


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    >I installed this 757 and it had no sound very strange

    Whoa! guess I should have done a bit more cut'n'paste from the readme.. I'll take a look and see if I can get you a link to the sound later but here's the answer...

    EDIT - go for search file = at Flightsim - it's listed for FS2002 but works great in FS9 - highly recommended for the 757

    PRIMO Collection
    United Airlines 757-200 ETOPS

    Mod and paints by David Randolph ([email protected])
    Aircraft model by IFDG
    Based on repaint by Ben Hewitt
    Modified to fly with Wilco 767 Pilot In Command Panel

    Download in 3 parts (parts 2 and 3 are optional)

    Part 2: SOUND SET (Optional):
    I worked very hard on this. I fix most of my downloaded sound sets. They are nearly always too quiet on the outside and loud on the inside. The real flight deck of a 757 is fairly muted. The only sound is a muffled groan at full power, the rush of wind and the rattling of panels on take-off and landing rolls. The groan spools up nicely only when the engines are gunned for a prolonged few seconds. Taxi sounds are fairly benign. I tried hard to eliminate artifacts, phasing and static on the sounds. Pretty dang smooth. I fly with Engine sound set at 90% and all other aircraft sounds at about 60%.

    You'll also hear I added flaps and gear lever clicks. You can't hear flap motor travel from the flight deck. And gear is inaudible except for the subwoofing thud when the gear slaps down and the bays close. There is also a gutterall thud when the plane hits the tarmac followed by rattling panels. Wind and rattling gradually spool up on the takeoff roll. I have a nice APU sound that switches on when the engines are shut down on the exterior and interior.

    This sound set (I'm sorry I'm not sure where it came from but I suspect the config file was done by Aaron Swindle a while back) has been modified to be REALLY LOUD on the exterior and muffled on the interior. Realistic.



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