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Thread: Nothing Changes, does it?

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    AC103010 Guest

    Default Nothing Changes, does it?

    Old System :

    Win98 - FS2002 - Symptom - Sim crashes at same point every flight. repeated numerous times and crashed in the same place every time. Had add-on scenery installed.

    New System (Same PC):

    XP and FS9 - Symptom - Sim crashes at same point every time. No, not the same point as in the first case but this is approaching Edinburgh, UK. Again repeated a number of times and again crashed at the same point every time. No add-on scenery this time except for AI aircraft. But I'm still around 40 miles from Edinburgh.

    Anyone else had these irritating interludes? And can you gove me a clue as to what's wrong?

    Seems like I paid 50 for a repeat dose of the same thing.

    And I thought I had it cracked.

    By the way, I don't think it's drivers because recently I've managed to fly for 2 hour flights - to another destination.

    Help. Save my sanity


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    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    Could you post your system specs, Allan? I had a similar round of hard crashes after getting FS2004. Every time I went for a flight that was longer than a few minutes, I ran the risk of a crash at some point in the flight, usually on short final ;-). After mucking around with video drivers, new version of DirectX, and almost any other software-based fix you can think of, I finally turned my attention to my hardware. I'd make one change per night and then go to bed with FS running on autopilot, and every morning I'd descend to my office and find a nice login screen -- it crashed again! However, at one point I changed my memory frequency from 166mhz to 133, and suddenly the flights were still running the next morning. In fact, I haven't had a hard crash since. While I'm not suggesting that this is any sort of magic fix, it's just a way of illustrating a point that sometimes the fix isn't where you'd expect it to be. Keep slogging through it, and you'll figure it out.

    Bill Womack

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    AC103010 Guest

    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    Hi Bill.

    This is it:

    Athlon 1500 1.53 gig
    512 megs Ram
    Asus A7N266VM Board
    Nvidia GeForce 2 Integrated GPU with Nvidia 45.23 Drivers
    XP Pro

    I would repeat, though, that it seems to be position dependent, not time. Other times I've made 2 hour flights from the UK to Spain. This has only happened approaching Edinburgh, and then no ammount of attempts could get it past that point.

    I was wondering if the sim reads the scenery that far out and, although I can't see it maybe it "sees" the AI aircraft, and that there's a rogue one amongst them.

    Thanks, Bill


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    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    Any system crashes I've had with both FS2002 & 4, "were" driver related. My setup is now a few months shy of two years old. Athlon 1900XP/Geforce3Ti500/512DDrram. After upgrading some drivers in the last year, I went back to the 23.11's. Someone said the 29.42's were reliable also.


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    AC103010 Guest

    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    I take your points, guys, and I've spent 2 whole weeks sorting drivers out, got to find my way around a little.

    My conclusion is that many people do not clear out old files when they change drivers, and the files conflict. I used a small program called nasty file remover and, even with the same drivers that I'd previously had problems with it then seemed to work fine. In reality, though, I suppose there are as many different answers as there people with the problems.

    Let me get back to the point, though. In my experience, any crashes previously were completely random, some immediately the sim started, others an hour into the flight. In this present case, though, no matter how many times I try it the crash ALWAYS HAPPENS AT THE SAME POINT, in this case leaving 200 for 120 towards Edinburgh, UK. Reset the sim and returned to the saved postion 10 mins before - same thing. Reset after saving 5 mins before - same thing. Now this CAN'T be drivers can it? If not, what else?

    And it's all default stuff. Haven't got adventurous yet except with aircraft.


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    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?


    I don't know if you have tried this, but you might want to delete and reinstall FS9. It sounds to me like the .bgl file that covers Edinburgh may be corrupt, which MIGHT explain why it only crashes there.

    Also, why don't you post EXACTLY where you are and where you are coming from when this happens (i.e leave Islay on Rwy xxx, turn to heading yyy) and I'll be glad to fly the same route and see what happens. Maybe it's an FS9 bug, and you are the only person to fly that EXACT route.

    Just a couple of suggestions!


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    AC103010 Guest

    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    Hello Don.

    So far as re-installing FS9 is concerned I'm getting quite proficient at that, doe it three times, but not since I had this problem.

    I may have to do it for other reasons this week. Something's gotten hold of my Norton's and some XP systems are failing. Looks like an XP re-install.

    On the off chance that's not associated, my flight was a simple one.

    Jersey to Edingburgh IFR via High Altitude Airways, at FL310, in a B737-800. Cruise was Mach 0.8. This essentially follows UA25 to Bury Head, Wallasy, Deans Cross. Under ATC all the way and was descending under ATC control at the time.

    I'd be grateful to hear your findings.

    Take care.


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    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?


    I flew from Jersey to Edingburgh using FS Navigator and the 737-400 that comes with FS9, and had no problems. I was able to land at Efingburgh. I have not used ATC yet (I fly mostly low and slow), so it MAY be an ATC problem. Let me know if you want me to try anything else.


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    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    Get another 512mb of ram and I 99% guarantee this will fix your problem. I had the same experience in FS2002 doing a certain flight, when I came to a certain part of the flight FS 2002 would freeze. Added another 512mb of ram to my 512mb of ram problem solved.

    Windows XP Home
    P4 2.53
    1gb 2700 ram
    Geforce 4 4200 64mb
    Asus P4B533 Mother board

    BTW I have read somewhere on the net that on some systems Windows XP reqiures 512mb of ram to run properly.

    Intel i5-2500K 3.3GHz Quad Core, Asus P8Z 68-V LE MB, Asus Strix GTX 960 gb graphics card, Windows 10 Home 64 bit, 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 ram , Viewsonic VX2452mh LED 1080P HD Monitor. Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 64MB Sata3 HD, 650 watt Corsair PSU

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    Ontario, Canada.

    Default RE: Nothing Changes, does it?

    I'm running 512 mb of Ram and it runs fine, I have never had FS9 crash on me in many, many hours of flying. Maybe it is a problem with your cd or something. I doubt it is your system because my old P3-800mhz didn't crash running fs9 either.

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