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    When starting FS9, I get the FSSound.dll pop-up window, since installing the Dash 7 and the FS9 update by Milton Shupe. What do you need to do to stop this window from popping up everytime FS9 is started?

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    The dash 7 yeam has worked many, please hear many hours prior to the rlease of the "worlds best stol/ trans9wiehgt..est...), thus the questins you may have with requards to the histoey of the aircraft, as well as the some ogf the folks like "Scott, the your dash and guage expert"

    Thus, I am trying to recommed that the size of the various downloads incomparision to the size of the dash 7 cab be a bit curve (AT LEAST FOR ME AS I GOTS LOTS TO LEARN)

    point is in the aftermath of the time spent in the read mes, (((all of em))),

    They do specify the risk woth the various inbtals. I should not say risk as the read mes explian the (((could be more, who knows))), that may happen, I will state that the effort tho understand and put to practice has helpped my learning slope/curve very much.

    I am appologetig to the more seasoned people here, but wanted to express my appreciation for the fine work that was made avalible as free ware. The hours these guys spent I hope is not taken for granted.


    Milton, I hope you and your teams friend is well, please express apporpriate best wish's.

    Agian, Thanks for the work.

    Take care,



    Sir if I can help in any way on the sound, panel what have ya shoot me a e mail and I will try ro spell out the steps I took to get the dash and the rest working better. I am no expwrt just figured I would be happy to share my good fortune when it seems to work.

    Also, there was a email from one of the guys and with permision (I will ask ) I will forward to you, agian withtheir permission.

    Once, you get it installed you will love the work.

    I did take a vit on the overheads ect,...but finally got the gear down and locked,lol.. It is a graet plane kind of like "mother of all 4 wheel drives on the slopes of black ice and snow"

    Take it easy.

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    Make sure the FSSound.dll is in the modules folder. You can get that module in many downloads if its not already with the Dash7 download. Also, add to the fs9 cfg file {OLDMODULES} (use brackets)followed by FSSound.dll=1 . You should no longer get any errors.

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    Thank you for the quick response. I am not having any luck finding the FS9 cfg file. In FS9 there is only a cfg for FS2000 and FS2002. I tried following instructions by installing the [oldmodules] message into the cfg files in the Dash 7 but that didn't work. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.



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    FS9 cfg file is a hidden file located in C:/Documents & Settings/ user name/Application Data/Microsoft/FS9; If you have show hidden files turned on, you'll see it. Open it by double clicking it. If it asks, use notepad. You need to go on over to avsim flightsim forum and read the FAQ thread pasted at the top. Lots of good stuff there.

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    Just wanted to mention that my virtual airline - Ontario Northern Air Service - uses this aircraft. It our pilots' favourite aircraft and for a good reason. It perfectly fits our needs and settings, and it is a blast to fly! Great job Milton and crew!

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    Thanks for all the help. I have the Dash 7 working perfectly, no more pop-up windows at start up of FS9 and learning how to find hidden files. At 55 years old, all the help has been greatly appreciated. Believe it or, computers are tougher to learn then flying. I soloed in 1965 in a J3 Cub N2038M at Zahns Airport, Amityville, New York ( long gone).


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    Sorry for the few words left out...My spelling and typing are normally better. Worn out from watching the Yankees go down in defeat!

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