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Thread: Mastering the "art" of taxiing

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    The easiest way is to look up an airport diagram for that airport.

    The even easier way is do a search in the library for Virtual Pilot Network. It turns your kneeboard into a web browser with preset bookmarks to alot of Flightsim useful sites.

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    Just follow the pink line.

    Turn it on through the ATC menu options.

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    Hey B1Bravo...

    Yeah, KATL would be a handful to try to taxi around... complex taxiway arrangement.

    If you like the ATL area, try one of the smaller reliever airports, like KPDK (Peachtree DeKalb), or KFTY (Fulton Co.-Brown)... they both have a complex enough taxiway arrangement to be challenging, but would be easier to taxi around than KATL.

    As several other replys said, try to find a taxiway diagram for the airport (there are several sites on the internet that publish aiport diagrams and approach plates.) Here's a link to a good one:

    To get to the taxiway diagram, enter KATL in the ICAO search box, then click on "facility" on the right... will give you a PDF file with a pretty good scan of the taxiway diagram right out the Terminal Procedures... the other items are the published IFR approaches, SIDs, STARs for KATL... look them over too!

    Or use the "progressive taxi" feature in the FS9 ATC dialog options... will draw a purple line for you on the taxiways to get you to the runway.

    Have fun taxiing around!

    "I'd rather be flying!"

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    Try this. The NACO site will give you a .pdf of the airport diagram as it appears in the U.S. Terminal Procedures (approach plates). You can print it and hang it on the wall if want.

    You can also switch to top down view to get your bearings and orient yourself.

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    "how the heck do I know which side of the terminal 27 is?"

    A runways name is a rough approximation of its heading rounded to the nearest (most of the time) 10 degrees. So 27 should be on an approximate heading of 270. Check your compass or heading indicator to see your heading. Then use shift S to figure out just where you are and you should have a good idea where you need to go.

    Also, don't forget about the differential wheel brakes. They are helpful for steering. F11,F12 control them. Or better yet, get some CH rudder pedals. The toe brakes on those can be controlled with precision since they are axes and not just buttons. The make taxiing a lot easier and a lot more fun.
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    Learn to write down the directions. Don't think about them , just write. Then use an aiport diagram. Keep one finger on your progress. Use the heading indicator to help you.

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    Default Mastering the "art" of taxiing

    Everyone has been very helpful with questions in the past...thank you all! I just started the simulator a few days ago and am very surprise how hard taxiing is! I know practice makes perfect but does anyone have suggestions on HOW to get good?!?! I have a hard time getting around airports that I'm unfamiliar with as probably didn't help my cause that I started at Atlanta Hartsfield (hey I live in GA!) but for example when Ground Control said "taxi to 27R via T,A,B" (those weren't the exact directions) how the heck do I know which side of the terminal 27 is? I know you can us shift S to look over the airport but the thresholds are hard to see.
    Any help is appreciated.


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