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    Does anybody know how to register the airport AFCAD files in FS9 to enable the correct layout and parking at airports?

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    From what I understand, there won't be any AFCAD-editing ability for FS9 until October at the earliest when Lee Swordy is expected to release his latest AFCAD editor.

    -- Walt

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    That would be correct.


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    Its almost October!!!!:-jumpy :-jumpy:-jumpy

    Seemed like it would be forever, back in the first of August. But I am actually glad it did not come out right away, because it gave me some time to do some flying!! In fact.....I think that someone should create a website...personal website, and everyone lists there most important airports they would like done. And split the work. That way 50 people aren't making the same place and 0 people are making another....What ya think???

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    Hey, I like that 'AFCAD World' site...not noticed that before - thanks for the link!

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    And now the big unanswered question, how much are we going to pay for this nice piece of software, i really doubt it will be free, but lets see, maybe im wrong here.


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    it will be free...allways has and allways will be(hopefully). I really doubt we'll have to pay, he gave us ttools2 free, and hopefully afcad2 will be.

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