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Thread: Looking for a definition.

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    Default Looking for a definition.

    Experienced cyber-pilot here. Former Airline management and have flown a real simulator ( why does that seem like an oxymoron?), I am curious.. can someone please explain in "normal" terms what is "slewing"? I have seen the term used all over the place but cant find what it is about.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nothing to do with real life flying. Just press Y on the keyboard then when you move your stick, the plane will fly extremely fast.

    F4 shoots you up in the air the same speed as a Space Shuttle.

    Press Y again to go back to real simming.

    It's good for scenery designers I guess, who want to go quickly to a different place.

    I used it once to test some meshes to see which one was the best. Flew along the south UK coast in a few minutes.

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    slew comes from latin 'slewminus' that means 'fast simmer in a hurry accross the blue skies with blurry textures' and slewing also from latin but with a greek influence means 'cheating simmer in a hurry who doesnt like to use simulation rate'
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    slew in Aboriginal means "only way to get glider up for flight"
    slew in Bahasa Indonesian means "shortcut to get flying when startup not working"
    slew in Pidgin English (PNG) means "set up flight from unrecognised airstrip in FS"

    Many more definitions worldwide, these are the oes I use!

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