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    Can anyone point me to somewhere I can get the list of supported Audial ATC Airlines for fs2004? Eg. there is continental, american, etc. I want a list of all......hidden ones.....

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    Will give you over 1000 callsigns compared to the 200 in FS2004 - and you can easily create your own. There is a list with 800 callsigns you can download from various sites, but it is including callsigns not in FS2004 and not all callsigns that are in EditVoicepack are included. So you would just end up with a list "stuck in the middle". :)

    EditVoicepack could relatively easy produce a list of the default callsigns (I did it before and posted it somewhere - I think on the Ultimate Traffic forum), but I am off to work so I can't do it now.

    Developer of EditVoicepack

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    Thanks a lot

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