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Thread: Help with APP autopilot button...

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    Default Help with APP autopilot button...

    I would like to know how this works, I mean, when to engage it, what it does, etc...Iīve tried to use it a couple of times, but I still canīt figure the point of it...

    Is there a way to make the plane follow the glide slope automatically?


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    Perhaps you mean the APR button? APR sets the Approach mode on the autopilot. If you have the localizer frequency on your NAV 1 set for the ILS you are going to use, and the autopilot is engaged with the NAV button lit and the ALTitutde hold engaged (lit), you depress the APR button to engage the approach mode. The NAV button on the autopilot should go dark immediately (or else you're not tracking the localizer). About the time the glide slope needles center, the ALT light should go out, and the aircraft should start descending. You have now captured the glideslope, and the autopilot is now flying the complete ILS.

    At about DA (Decision Altitude), typically 200 feet above ground, disengage the autopilot and land manually.

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    Just to simplify matters the following assumes you are flying IFR,are receiving headings from ATC.

    Tune Nav 1 radio to the ILS frequency for the runway you are landing at.Assuming the runway has an ILS (not all do)
    You can get the frequency from the map or the GPS data base.
    There is a switch on the panel marked NAV/GPS make sure it's on NAV.
    Set the CRS or turn the OBS for NAV 1 to match the runway aligment (ie 250 for rnwy 25).
    Depending on what you are flying you will have one horizotal line or arrow and one vertical line or arrow in the NAV 1 display.

    ATC will give you one last heading and will ask you to keep your heading and altitude until you are on the 'localizer'.

    Follow this instruction and watch the Vertical line/arrow.
    It will eventually start to move toward the centre of the display.
    As soon as it begins to move engage autopilot (unless its already engaged) then hit the APP button.
    The plane should now line up and will eventually intercept and fly the glideslope (note not all ILS have a glide slope).
    You will have to switch to manual flight near the end as the planes will not auto land.
    Hope this helps as it sounds more complicated than it is.

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