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Thread: FS9 Panel.cfg edit

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    Default FS9 Panel.cfg edit

    Hi all, I want to edit my DC3 panel.cfg but without a freeware panel editor (is there one for FS9?) what or where is the size and location of a perticular gauge in this line?

    gauge01=Douglas_DC3!annunciator_vacuum, 33, 625

    Any help or direction would be appreciated..

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    Default RE: FS9 Panel.cfg edit

    33, 625 is the position of the gauge.

    33 is the X coordinate position (from left side of the panel over)

    625 is the Y coordinate position (from top of the panel down)

    Both refer to the pixel point on the panel where the upper left corner of the gauge will be placed.

    There is no size coordinate given, so this means the gauge will display at the size it was designed at. If these did appear, they would follow the first two figures.

    Example: 33, 625, 100, 125 (where 100 is the horizontal width of the gauge and 125 is the vertical height).

    Lou Betti

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    Default RE: FS9 Panel.cfg edit

    another tip,
    in order to see the changes you make in the panel, load another plane, and then load your DC3 again.

    changes don't show up, even if you restart fs9, you must load another plane in between. this is because some of the panel.cfg data will otherwise be loaded from previous flight.flt

    this doesn't need to be relevant in all situations, but is a foolproof way of knowing that the panel reloads with your changes.

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