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Thread: IFR Checkride - HELP!

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    I would appreciate any help from anyone who has actually passed the IFR checkride in FS9!!

    I cannot get past the stage where you hold on the 140 radial at KSEA. Every time I fail, I am told that I didn't enter the holding pattern correctly. Here's what I am doing. After passing the outer marker at PARKK, I am instructed to turn to 160 and climb to 3000. This I do. Then I am instructed to proceed directly to KSEA and hold on the 140 radial. By the time I am told this, the course to the KSEA VOR is about 150 degrees, so I fly that course until I pass the VOR. Now I fly at 140 for 1 minute , then execute a left turn to 270 so that I can intercept the 140 radial again inbound (heading 320). Standard entry, right? NOT!! Before I can even get back on the inbound radial I fail the ride.

    I have learned several other things the hard way that I will pass along to those attempting this checkride for the first time. For instance, when on final approach to KSEA, don't lower the flaps and slow below 100 knots. Just keep blasting along over the VOR until you get the instructions to Go Around. Also, when going around, you must keep climbing at 500 FPM or you will fail.

    Thanks in advance


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    I haven't completed the checkride, but I have already passed that part. Seems like you are doing a parallel entry, which is correct. But I tried doing a Teardrop entry, but anyways I couldn't do it.

    So I tried flying outbound for 30 secs instead of 1 min and it worked. Try it, after you turn outbound, don't count 1 min. count 30 secs and turn inbound. Of course this makes the inbound turn a little difficult, make it with 30 degrees of bank.

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    Hmmmm, I seem to be unable to pass the holding entry too. I'm running out of ideas. I tried the 30 second outbound, but that didn't work for me either.

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