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    Now with the new FS2004 out - I've been testing and checking out which are the best eye candy and dynamically realistics (IMHO) aircrafts available for 2002 that will work on 2004. So far I found a few which I can name:

    MelJets 777 and 747's
    Project Airbus A300's lines
    Project Fokker - specifically the 100 aircraft
    Several repaints for FFX/SGA's 737-200, 737-400 and 737-500

    (Mike Stones - cant find good photorealistic texture for these! so am excluding for this list)

    Any other out there that can be listed - which will fit the two category? (PHOTOREALISTIC TEXTUREs and REALISTIC DYNAMICS).

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    Project Fokker aircrafts have some issues with FS2004 and they are working on the fixes.


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