OK, call me lazy, but remember, we're supposed to be helping each other out.

I would like to replace the lawyer-friendly default liveries and call signs of the AI heavies with real-world substitutes. You know, Pacifica becomes American, et al. I tried to do this in FS2K, and sort of got it to work, but I didn't keep notes. But now that I'm really diggin' FS2004, I'd like to give it another shot. But due to the aforementioned sluggishness, here's what I need: 1)a step-by-step substitution procedure, including file names, and 2)a recommendation of the best "real-world" liveries.

I'm not concerned about inaccurate taxi speeds, AI schedules, etc. I would just like to have United rocket past me on final into O'Hare 27R instead of Landmark.