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Thread: What is null zone?

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    Default What is null zone?

    In the controls menu, under sensitivities for the joystick, what does null zone refer to, and if the sliders are are all the way to the left what does this do....conversely if sliders are all the way to the right what does this do. I understand what sensitivity means and how to use the sliders - it's just the null zone thing....

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    The size of the zone in which your joystick is centered; a large null zone will mean you have to move your stick a lot to get any movement in the controls, a small null zone will mean that you will use the controls almost the whole time, unless exactly (depending on the size of your null zone) centered. I suggest you leave it at default, like me. Works well.

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    Increasing the null zone would be desireable for aircraft such as the DC-3, which in real life does not have the most immediate control response. I would also decrease control sensitivity a bit for this aircraft.

    Decreasing the null zone to "0" would be desireable for aircraft such as the Extra, which has very "tight", instantaneous control response. I would also max control sensitivity for this aircraft.

    So, there are two extremes. Aircraft such as the GA aircraft and the airliners would fall somewhere in between.

    BTW, what you set your Cessna for you should also set your jet airliners to, more or less. Overall, these large aircraft (and I've flown some level D simulators of them, along with knowing real pilots of them) do not handle / feel much different than many average GA aircraft. The controls are "heavier" on them, but you'll never simulate that with anything less than a $500+ PFC yoke, not a CH stick or yoke. ;-)

    Make no mistake about it: Aside from the fact that its control feel is very heavy in real life, a 747-400 handles like a big Cessna / Piper. It is not a "lumbering Turtle" as some might think. It has good control response, and anyone who can fly a Cessna in real life should be able to land this baby on the first try (assuming no cross wind- that would take some practice), as long as you remember to start your flare at 50'!

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