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    Anyone else unable to access flightsim files area? Have been trying on and off (at off-peak times) to access but keep getting the "too busy" page.

    Has Flightsim reduced the number of free connections or has it become a paysite?



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    "Has Flightsim reduced the number of free connections or has it become a paysite?"

    The answer to both questions is No!

    Just keep tryin'.


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    Nothing has changed. We are seeing high volumes of traffic. As Darrell advised, just keep trying to log in.

    Or, even better, upgrade your membership to First Class and you'll never see the "All Nodes Busy" message again. It only costs $30 a year. That's about $2.50 a month, or the cost of a small popcorn at the movies. First Class Membership is one of the world's truly great bargains.

    One way you can get upgraded to First Class for free is to contribute an article that gets published at FlightSim.Com. So, if you have a How To, Review or Centennial of Flight article to contribute, send it to me. If we publish it, you'll get a free First Class Membership upgrade and the "Busy Nodes Blues" will be a thing of the past for you.

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    OK thanks for the info - I am a London based journalist so maybe I'll put some articles together and email them to you for possible inclusion.


    London UK

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    It happens sometimes, just keep trying; remember, we're a lot of people here at :-lol

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