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Thread: How do I get rid of buildings in the air?

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    I am trying to modify a scenery add-on comprised of several buildings, which had flatned portions of the terrain. My object is to replace this flat terrain with more realistic terrain from FsGenesis. As a result of me tinkering with the scenery, some of the buildings are now in the air! I was wondering if there is a way to position the building back to the ground? Also, I would like to restore the nicely detailed photo imagery that came with the add-on which disappears as my plane files over the sceneryThe company that created this product marketed it for FS2004 but it contains several FS2002 scenery files. Thank you for your help.


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    I don't think your problem has anything to do with fs2004. Rather it is a matter of the add-on scenery being built on a probably default terrain. The buildings in this add-on scenery all have x,y,z coordinates, the z coordinate being the altitude of the scenery. FS genesis alters the terrain so that your buildings could float in the air. I don't know how to change this unless I would have made the scenery myself. I could then change z to my own liking in the source file.
    As for the disappearing of the photoreal scenery, it could be a matter of priority in the scenery layers. Try putting the photoreal scenery on a higher level in the add-on scenery library.


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