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    Default AFCAD

    First off what is AFCAD? Second where do I get the software? Since I just downloaded several airports that require AFCAD to use. I have FS 2002 and need the version compatiable with it. Please help I really want to use these new airports.


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    Hi Liz,
    Download AFCAD from the files library. Make sure you get the one for FS2002 , not FS9. It will not work.
    Adding sceneries that contain AF2.bgl's will also not work for FS8, and cause problems such as the "my heading is 20 degrees off" problem. Sceneries that contain AF_2.bgl's files are for FS9. Check before installing in FS8.

    The AFCAD program will come with a tutorial and help file.
    AFCAD is to add things to your existing airports for the AI planes. Taxiways, hold points runways, etc. But remember these are the UNSEEN changes. So if you add a runway to an airport, it will not be seen visually.(The changes will show up in the map view and the GPS display such as navaids etc.)
    The most common use of AFCAD, is used to add parking spaces, etc. to existing airports. An add on scenery may visully add a runway, but AFCAD makes it possible for your AI planes to land on it, and park in new areas. YOu can use files created for you, or you can create your own.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default RE: AFCAD

    Which file do I download because every time I search AFCAD at I get AFCAD airports and not the actual program.


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    Look for this file:
    or you can search on the author's name: Lee Swordy

    Have fun.... If you have any questions about AFCAD, let us know..

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    Question Adding to existing airports in fs2002

    Hi ,
    This is the procedure I am useing in changing an existing airport with AFCAD in fs2002.
    Open existing FS airport into AFCAD, i.e. EPPO
    Do alterations- additions, parking etc.. ;
    Save ;
    Close airport.
    Import (same airport)
    Export ( as txt file)
    Close AFCAD.
    Find EPPO1.txt file in fs2002\Afcad.
    Drop txt file onto AFInstaller icon.

    Open FS, goto Airport EPPO and no changes have happened.
    Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?
    Cheers Davejey

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    You make it sound complicated.
    Procedure is as follows:

    open existing airport, make changes and save.

    or if you want to make a new airport:
    open nearby airport;
    export airport;
    make changes to the txt file by changing the airport ICAO code, city and soforth.
    Import the txt file again and complete your new airport with new coordinates (in FS with fsuipc you can slew to the spot you want your airport at), runways, taxiways and parking spots, starting positions, tower and com frequencies and save.


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    Smile Airportforwindows

    Thanks Roby,
    That's good changing the txt file to a new ICAO code etc.
    I am understanding this better now, but am finding it complicated to integrate my 'Airportforwindows' files with AFCAD files, I get runways disappearing as I land on them, or my airport is transported to the West coast of Africa.
    Cheers Davejey

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    Three possibilities:
    You made the airport in AFW also, so that you have two airports in the same place and maybe also with the same ICAO code.
    you have forgotten to change all of the ICAO codes in the modified afcad airport,
    or else you have saved the modified airport text file under the same name as the original afcad airport.
    Please check.
    Do not make an "airport"in AFW or delete it i.e. make only the scenery but do not give it ICAO code with frequencies etc.
    change all references to the original airport in the modified txt file.
    export modified afcad again and change the name of the txt file. You will also have to delete the modified afcad file in AFCAD and import it again after the changes.

    Hope it is clear.


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    Smile AFW+Afcad

    Yes thanks Roby you have made things clear and given the options.
    I have been used to doing everything from AFW; so now to add ATC and AI, I am using Afcad and getting everything mixed. I do have two overlapping runways with no AI.
    So I can draw up a plan of action now, thanks.

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