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Thread: Flying In Vancouver, Canada

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    Default Flying In Vancouver, Canada

    Hi all,

    I am a flying junkie wondering if there are any flightsimmers to talk to in Vancouver. Also wondering if there is anyone with a license that doesn't mind me paying for gas for a few hops? Get back to me and let me know. All you guys in the States seem to have close neighbors, just seems like I am by myself up here!

    Happy flying,


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    Default RE: Flying In Vancouver, Canada

    I live in Ottawa, but I recall seeing a post last spring, either here or on avsim, from a guy trying to set up a flightsim club in Vancouver with regular meetings. You'd have to search the archives cause it's probably pretty far back.
    I was in Vancouver last spring and shelled out the $100 or so to fly on a Harbour Air Twin Otter to Victoria. Great flight and one I've replicated many times in FS.
    Good Luck

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