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Thread: Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Joystick (Model No. J-ZA10)

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    Default Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Joystick (Model No. J-ZA10)

    Can anyone tell me how to calibrate this thing?

    I recently downloaded the new drivers, and discovered it has a "Z" axis. (It twists!) Delighted, I then assigned this axis to rudder control. Unfortunately, the axis is off center to the right, and so, of course, were the FS rudders. The Logitech software has a beautiful Test Page (with neat sound effects) that comes up in FS when you click on Calibrate Joystick . . . , but it has no associated calibration page or other instructions.
    Yeah, sure, I've contacted Logitech, but they have apparently outsourced Customer Support to morons or robots (or both, working in tandem), who do nothing but supply the canned FAQ answer to "How to calibrate a joystick?" They can't seem to deal with the fact that THERE IS NO ###### CALIBRATION SCREEN IN THEIR ####### SOFTWARE FOR THIS ##### JOYSTICK!!!

    I feel better already.

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    If I remember correctly, go into the Calibrate option in FS and when in, enter the properties tab on the page. Don't have it in front of me, so not sure, but I think that's what it was. Try it.


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    Thanks anyway, but yeah . . . that's the way we usually do it, all right. Trouble is, THIS driver and software don't have the calibration screen after you enter Properties. All you get is the Test screen as described in my post. Unlike other j-sticks I have used (and even this one, before I downloaded the new drivers), there is no calibration tab on the test screen!!

    Logitech has now sent me a follow-up answer: they say their morons and robots can't help me unless I call them long distance on my own nickel and hold for two hours. :-roll


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    Sorry doesn't work. Just FYI, I've got the model #J-UC10 and am using driver dated 4/7/03. Came with the calibration etc.. Try using them and see what happens. If it doesn't help, well, good luck with the Logitech guys.


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    Just to update you, since you displayed interest:

    That was my driver also, downloaded this past weekend. So I called Logitech on my own nickel and held for 10 minutes. Nice guy told me the stick is supposed to self-calibrate in Win XP, but in Win 98SE, which I am running, there is supposed to be a "Settings . . ." tab, leading to a calibration screen. There is not. (And yes, I've checked a dozen times!) Therefore, he says: I need to uninstall and reinstall the driver, OR there's a "Direct-X Problem", OR there's a "Windows problem."
    Life is short. I'll use the numpad keys for the rudder, and see what happens in FS2004.

    Thanks for your interest and moral support.


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    Real strange! I bought my JS a couple of years ago. When I got it, I was running Windows ME which is based on 98 and it had its calibrate screen. I've since switched over to XP on a new computer with the same JS and recently updated the drivers only and I still have a calibrate screen. Never heard about this self calibrating thing. Keep pushing..........


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    Hi Guys
    I have the same joystick and have moved it from my old Win98 PC to my new XP machine recently. You should have downloaded the Logitech Wingman software for XP from the Logitech website (the version I downloaded about a month ago was LGS425ENU) and installed it on your PC. Then when plugging the Joystick in to the USB port it will detect and then appear in Game Controllers in the Windows Control Panel. Highlight "Logitech Wingman Extreme" and click Properties. This brings up the Calibration screen and to calibrate click the Calibrate button. This software also gives you the Wingman Profiler, accessible from Start/Logitech/Gaming Software.

    Hope this helps you!

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    All that sounds right. I downloaded that software package, too (lgs425enu.exe) and my JS in the USB port does indeed appear in Game Controllers. But, as my previous post states, there is no Calibrate function. The Logitech people acknowledge that there should be, but can't tell me what's wrong. BTW, their operator clearly said the JS is "self-calibrating" in XP, but not in 98SE. Make sense to you? Good.
    Thanks for your interest.


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    Hi Mac
    I've just tried the calibration on my joystick and if I go to the JS in Game Controllers, click Properties and then the Calibrate button I do get the Calibration screen up. BTW I'm using XP Home if that helps.
    Strange, hmmmmmm
    Don't know whether that helps or not!

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    Default RE: Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Joystick (Model No. J-ZA10)

    No, but thanks anyway. It doesn't help, because, as I said, there's no calibration screen with THIS JS and THIS new driver on MY PC under Win 98SE. Logitech doesn't know why, but acknowledges the possibility and offers to walk me through a reinstall. Screw it. I'll just use the numpad for the rudder.

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