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    Default PMDG 737NG FMC SIDs/STARs

    Hey Everyone!!

    I just got the new PMDG 737NF and I love it!! I just learned how to use the FMC (thank G O D!) but was wondering if anyone knows where I can go and get more SIDs and STARs so I can play with it just right. Does anyone know if the SIDs/STARs from 767PIC work on PMDG? Has anyone played around with it? If anyone're help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks ya'll!!


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    Default RE: PMDG 737NG FMC SIDs/STARs

    They're still working on the SIDS/STARS Jamie. But there is a set around you can get via e-mail. If you post a request for them at the PMDG forum ( ) someone will send them to you. They are not 100% but better than none. And, no, the 767PIC SIDS/STARS won't work.

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