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    I recently purchased Thrustmaster's HOTAS Cougar and I am having a hell of time installing it. First, on installation from the CD that came with the joystick, it is Ver 1.0 and on installation when it come to data in and data out I get a message that the installation fails the Microsoft logo signature and if I continue the installation it discombobulates my computer something fierce.

    I have tried to get help via the Thrustmaster web site but I am unable to get any usable updates nor can I contact the company via their support page nor can I access the telephone number listed as it is always busy.

    Is there anyone out there who has had simular problems and solved them, please send me any info you have on ths situation.

    The unit looks great but right now is is being used as a paperweight for another few days before I return it.....

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    Try going to the site
    I know that site carries the most recent version of the software. It also has several other areas within that might be able to answer your query regarding the message you get upon installation.

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    Just a guess here.. are you using Win XP? XP has a known issue reading the Cougar's Bulk In and Bulk Out drivers. As the previous poster suggested, Cougar World is the best place to go for assistance. The site is NOT associated with TM. It is made up od dedicated Cougar owners. I recommend that you post you question the the General Forum... someone will quickly post a link to how to get around XP's choke point.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for your information, thought I would have to wait awhile for a response to my message ref: HOTAS, will go over and check out Frugalsworld.

    again, Thanks

    Bob "Nitpicker2" Medina

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    Yours is one of two replys to my message on the HOTAS joystick and I was surprised at the quick replys, I will try Cougar world but I am surprised that Thrustmasters webpage is unhelpful,

    Thanks for your reply,

    Bob "Nitpicker2" Medina

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