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Thread: captain sim 727 gps nav coupler fix -- Easy to APPLY!!!

  1. Default captain sim 727 gps nav coupler fix -- Easy to APPLY!!!

    captain sim 727 gps nav coupler fix -- Easy to APPLY!!!

    The Captain Sim 727 seemed to lack any way to couple the GPS to the NAV (Autopilot) for direct routing. In most planes you

    click a coupling switch and the Nav unit follows the GPS course or flightplan.

    There is an Easy FIX for this problem. I have done it and tested it fully. It works perfectly.

    What you will be doing is simply adding a small text line to the lines of your plane(s) panel.cfg file(S).

    Here is the line you will be adding. Copy it to your clipboard or have it handy in some way to use.

    gauge30=Lear_45!Nav GPS Switch, 178, 24

    Now you have to find and open the appropriate panel.cfg file.
    Browse viz:

    My Computer
    C: Drive (or whatever drive has msfs2002 on it)
    Program Files
    Microsoft Games
    Flightsim 2002
    Panel And Secondly ALSO Panel.1 after you do the first1

    OPEN UP by double clicking the file Panel.CFG
    Look for the Following Section by comparing to this text:

    window_size= 1.000, 1.000
    window_pos= 0.000, 0.000!Bg,490,0,5,5!BgMain,490,0,5,5
    gauge02=b727.main!Main, 0,0,1024,768!Main,500,0,5,5

    gauge30=Lear_45!Nav GPS Switch, 178, 24 <---this i have added-<<<

    [NOTICE I have added the required LINE at the bottom of this section]
    BETWEEN section [Window00] and [Window01] at bottom of [Window00]



    YOU Are Done with this panel modification.
    Click on FILE and SAVE to save your changes.

    NOW, Repeat the folder searching above and open up the other panel file
    under Legendary727_100 which is called panel.1

    Make the exact same changes to that one also. Click again to FILE , SAVE
    to save your changes.

    Now at this point both versions of the 727-100 are done! You can fly them.


    YOU also need to change the two panel.cfg files under the other model, the 727_200.

    What you have is two models, and two panel files within each model. So, you
    would be changing 4 files all total.

    Each are done the exact same way as above. You only come back again and do the remaining ones. Here is a list of all 4.

    My Computer
    C: Drive (or whatever drive has msfs2002 on it)
    Program Files
    Microsoft Games
    Flightsim 2002
    Panel <------------------first one
    Panel.1 <------------------second one
    Panel <------------------third one
    Panel.1 <------------------fourth one

    The changes only take effect when you LOAD or RE-Load one of the effected aircraft. This works for all the various paint

    schemes and for both the passenger and cargo models of the 100 and 200 planes. Yep it works on all the 727's in the package.

    And you only need make the 4 insertions above to handle all of them. It works for the pro or standard releases as well. IF

    the switch dissappears in the changeover from day to night.. you can still find it by clicking the mouse where it should be

    and it will reappear. This dissappearance only lasts a few mins. Not really a problem. I dunno why it does that.

    To USE this fine switch set your gps to either a direct route or have your microsoft flight plan loaded. When you are

    ready to navigate by direct GPS/Nav coupling - flip (click) the switch to GPS. The switch will appear in your upper left

    corner of the main instrument panel. Note it is not visible in virtual cockpit mode.

    So you have laid in a course in the gps or flightplanner and you have flipped the switch.

    NOW, set the 727 autopilot to NAV/LOC -- and you will notice the plane is now turning to intercept YOUR desired GPS


    You are pretty much on your own for altitude and speed settings. While it is possible to paste in the code for the LEAR

    autopilot in the same fashion right under you switch pasting and that code is this:

    gauge29=Lear_45!Autopilot, 208, 2

    It will only handle altitude and rate of climb or descent. And only will do that when you have the 727 alt HOLD switched ON.

    I know it has buttons for speed, but I cannot seem to activate them. Even with it's faults it still adds something you did

    not have and many have asked for. A better way to control altitude and altitude changes (rates of climb or descents.)

    This additional autopilot gauge appears just right of your switch and it does look as if it were professionally added.

    After you have got the 727 flying level and are using the HOLD ALT switch to keep that going, just roll up or down your

    desired altitude on the new gauge and also if you like you can click and roll up or down the rate you wish to set.

    Its just the LEAR autopilot piggybacked onto your 727. Thats all it is. If you know how to use that one you will know how to

    use this one.

    I hope this has helped you. I spend more hours on the net looking for a fix than I did creating one for myself.

    WRite me if you use and like it.]

    It would be good if you make a copy of the untouched panel.cfg files so you will have them in case you wanna easily go

  2. Default RE: captain sim 727 gps nav coupler fix -- Easy to APPLY!!!

    Thanks alot, very handy for those days that you feel lazy


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