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Thread: If I upgrade...?

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    Hey Everyone,
    My framerates in 2004 are around 4.5-10.2 in clear weather! I have almost all sliders on the lowest and this is what I'm getting. Now , I have a 256MB of RAM and have considered upgrading it for better preformance....will that help?...I'm running the simulator on 1.5GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor and a 32MB nVidia TNT2 M64 graphics card with 32MB SDRAM. I'm not very good with computers so any help/advice would be great! Thanks


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    >Hey Everyone,
    >I'm running the simulator on 1.5GHz Intel Pentium 4
    >Processor and a 32MB nVidia TNT2 M64 graphics card with 32MB

    Upgrade the vid card. Get either a GF4 Ti 4200, or if you want to keep it for a few years try a ATI 9500/9600 Pro.



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    How much would either one of those video cards cost? would it help out my frames at all? could it speed things up?


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    I got my GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB DDR RAM for $94 off of eBay. I agree that your video card is the thing for you to upgrade. Good luck!

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    The video card upgrade will make the sim LOOK better and increase framerates a tad, but increasing your RAM from 256 to 512 would speed up framerates as well. The RAM would give your processor twice as much to work with and (IMO) increase the framerates significantly. If you can upgrade both you would have a much better sim experience.

    Good luck, Al

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    Turn off anti aliasing.
    I'm locked at 20 fps which is where it stays
    With anti alisaing On, I drop to 12-14
    1.4 Ghz Athlon GeForce3 64 MB.

    With your fps you sound like you are at LAX!

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    Thanks Everyone! of right now , next week I'll run over to Best Buy or some other computer store and upgrade my RAM first...after I see the result of a new RAM, then I'll decide if it will be worth it to get a new graphics card. Thanks!


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    I am running on my desktop, a 700Mhz AMD Duron, WindowsMe, 320M RAM, 32M GeForce2 Card, and I am getting approx. 25-30fps with sliders full. Don't know why no one else is doing this well with such better machines. My laptop is a 1.6 Celeron, 16M GeForce2Go, 390M RAM, and I'm getting 45-50 fps at Miegs, all sliders full. Not sure why things are working so much better for me.


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    Hey Everyone,

    I've been reading around the forum, mainly on the topics of FPS improvements, and have noticed that some of you are mentioning that adding more RAM would be a waste because all it will do is process things quicker. Things like task windows , checklists , selection screens, etc. Is this true? Sorry if this is annoying to some , but I want to experience the 25-30 FPS like most of you but at current I'm maxing around 10-12 FPS with pretty much everything on low. So, honestly, what would be best for getting higher frames? more RAM? or a new video card?

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    Ok first thing, I find 512 megs of ram the MINIMUM for FS2002 and Windows XP. It usually speeds it up a little and it costs about $50 if your computer doesn't use RD ram. As for Bcrane727 are you useing FS2002, because it sounds like your getting the frame rates that you should be getting with FS2000.

    I would suggest for flight simming go with more ram and then go with a new video card.


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