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    Is this really a good add on to get? I'm not sure whether to use it or not. It seems like a silly thing to post, but I was just unbelieveably curious about it. Will it affect my flight sim performance?

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    to my knowledge it doesnt affect your fps (or at least i havent seen it, and i have an OLD computer), all it does is improve your flight sim experience!! (Its a must, because a lot of things require it)

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    Call me crazy, but are you sure FSUIPC is an add-on? Last time I looked, it comes with the package.


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    FSUIPC can be used independant of any packages to help fix some quirks that FS200x has in it.


    FSUIPC can be used as a communications tool between FS200x and add-on packages.

    Soooo... you both win!

    Chances are, if you are using a recent "complex" addon for MSFS, you are using FSUIPC to communicate with it.

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    >Is this really a good add
    >on to get? I'm not
    >sure whether to use it
    >or not. It seems like
    >a silly thing to post,
    >but I was just unbelieveably
    >curious about it. Will it
    >affect my flight sim performance?
    It seems that most people have great experiences with FSUIPC, but on my system it caused frequent lock-ups. Other than that it didn't negatively effect performance. I recommend that you use it for awhile without changing anything else so you can isolate any problems it may cause. This advice is useful for any add-on, of course.

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    It's the "Must Have" MUST HAVE. A few of my favorite features
    are the clouds and visibility portions and the "No Reposition of

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    It's the MUST HAVE of the MUST HAVE.

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