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Thread: Best Flight Sim Yoke to use???

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    Default Best Flight Sim Yoke to use???

    Well, what is the best? I have been looking at the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB. It appears to be a nice yoke. I have found it for $95 plus shipping on one site. Any other good ones out there comparable to these features?


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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-03 AT 00:14AM (EDT)[/font][p]While I haven't found any other yokes comparable to the CH Yoke (USB) in a reasonable price range, I can say it is a very nice yoke. I've had mine for now 6 months or so, give or take, never had any problems with it. Its the best thing I've bought for flight simulator, in my honest opinion, and I would highly suggest it. It really brings out some realism in flight simulator, and I never go flying without it. :-)

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    Default RE: Best Flight Sim Yoke to use???

    I would also have to give the CH USB Yoke a big thumbs up... try to find it in a package with the rudder pedals, that will give better realism. You can use the assignment menu in FS2002 to give the throttle, propeller and yoke different assignments like two seperate throttles and spoilers for flying twin jets, three throttles for the 727 or Falcon 50. To upgrade from the CH product is very costly, I've looked into it. I recall a post a while back regarding CH products wanting input for a new version of their yoke, I wrote in asking for force feedback, knobs for adjusting barometric pressure, heading bug and VOR's and six levers instead of three for controlling the engine and prop inputs with detents for reverse so you could better simulate flying a twin engine aircraft.


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    For its price you can't beat the Flightsim USB yoke. All the rest are products designed for real world flight training and are fantastic but expensive. A really hot setup would be the ones you see with the yoke radio stack etc. Bad news is that the cost of it would probably go a very long way towards a real pilots licence.

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