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    Now I don't have the fastest system:
    900mhz Athlon
    512 SDRAM
    Gainward Geforce4 Ti4200 64 DDR

    I am seeing a lot of shots with tons of ai traffic at airports, and each time I look at them and say "my machine wouldn't be able to handle it." My question: Is there a way to "dumb down" or make a lesser quality of the textures used for AI planes and leave them in tact when I fly the plane? I am using AI traffic mover and so I've got my own aircraft a part of the AI traffic. Why is it that in the old days when all I did was replace the default textures with new textures it all worked fine, and now when I have possibly lesser quality planes flying that I've downloaded as AI, the game runs slower? What can I do to really get descent frames at large airports that have a variety of my own aircraft?

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    The traffic you are seeing isn't necessarily AI traffic. A lot of add-on sceneries use just low textured pictures for planes at airports, some are even only half a plane with just the side that you normally see showing.

    Obviously, there is AI traffic also, but I wouldn't think there is a way of lowering the textures in any way for just some of the time.

    Tony Clarke


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    Just wanted to drop my 2 cents in :7

    I have the exact computer specs as you, and have tons of AI at all my major, and lots of private airports. It is obviously going to take some power out of your machine to enjoy it, but I still get 10fps rolling at heavy loaded fields like KORD, KLAX, etc...Using the Gmax, and PAI, and Aardvark planes really make a huge difference for me....I'm sorry if I'm missing your point, I guess I was just unclear to what your concerns where and wanted to let you know that "our" systems are more well equiped to handle this than you might think! :7

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    My system is barely a step up from yours. I have a 1.0 processor, and 768 RAM with the same vid card. I have like 900 planes and 30,000 flight plans. They are almost all commercial and PAI planes and textures.. I haven't built up my GA AI at all, really. At really busy airports, my computer might get down to 5 fps and as good as 10 fps. It is something that I can live with, and doesn't really bother me. During flight, there are always planes around, and in flight, I get over 23 fps sometimes. I have tried to spread my AI out by continent. In other words, if I loaded 3 European airlines, I then looked for 3 to add to the Asian skies. This is so that there is equal spread all over the world.

    In other words, don't worry about your spec's. Just put what you want on there. If it is getting too slow, then remove some. Just a thought.
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    Hi there;
    As one poster said, try to stick with PAI or Ardvaark. Mike Stones aren't bad either.
    Your best gauge is when you download an aircraft; look at the size of the texture folder.
    Some of them are beautiful aircraft, but the texture folders are 10 to 15 meg in size.
    Go to an airport with a few of these parked there and it's slide show time.
    Have a 2.4 machine now, but my 933 ground to a halt with those big texture planes.


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