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Thread: Riding jumpseat with the pilots

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    can anyone tell me what's the difference between riding jumpseat with the pilots and riding in any class on the plane? is flying jumpseat noisy than flying in any other class on the plane or is it the other way around?

    also..what do pilots do when they are in their flightdeck on those long trans pacific/atlantic routes? do they just sit in their seat for 12 or 17 hrs straight or what??

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    In the cockpit are extra seat(s) that are used by the airlines check pilots or extra flight crew. These are called "jump seats" but I don't know why they received that name, maybe someone else can advise on that.

    I've had the great fortune of riding jumpseat in a Qantas B737 on descent and landing into Adelaide (YPAD) and during cruise on a Malaysia Airlines B744. I think that it was a bit noisier than the pax cabin due to the wind hitting the windscreen head on and the many things happening in there (radio's, sirens, beeps etc). But nothing too bad and the view is superb! Unfortunately, due Sep11, visits to the cockpit by non-airline people is extremely rare.

    As for what they do, it's probably best answered by the real guys and girls who fly them.

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    Last year I jumpseated in a B737 from Kalamata, Greece to Amsterdam. To be honest, preflight, take-off and landing are busy moments for the pilots, but during cruise the workload is really low. Drinking coffee, toilets breaks and talking about the last soccer game were among their activities during cruise. At a certain moment the F/0 was literally doing a nap, his head resting on the front panel! One of the major activities during cruise is to keep in touch with ATC. Pilots must love the FMC!


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    Also, most heavies have a bunk area for crew members. I know 74's, triple 7's, and so forth have them. They will fly with 3, maybe 4 pilots as the crew and rotate through the seats. This breaks up the day, and allows them a longer duty day cycle because the crew, as a whole, can get some rest.
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    thanks hearing from my other sources that some airlines do allow pax who would like to ride in the jumpseat..i sure would like to experience the pilots starting up the plane as well as the takeoff/landing thinking of askin the pilots on PAL if i can ride jumpseat with them on my way to MANILA and to BUTUAN...

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    If you have some contacts in an airline, and outside the U.S., you might be very, very lucky; but to/from/within North America you can forget it.
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    The 747 and some 777s have a crew bunk area for rest. I was able to jumpseat on a flight from ORD-HKG last December (I work for the airline in question) ( Here is some pictures from that flight and others... click on United 895)

    Flights scheduled over 8 hours need 3 crewmembers; more than 12 hours need 4. Jumpseats have a great view but are very cramped, and often do not recline (Although the 767 and 747 jumpseat in the far back are pretty comfy). I have ridden the bench in the 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC10, CRJ, DH8, A320, and A310. It is more noisy up there but it is quiet due to no babies, people, etc.

    I've been pretty lucky in my flights all over the world on the jumpseat, including several atlantic crossings and the HKG trip. A great way to see how it's done in the real world.

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    yea..trying to fly jumpseat within the out of the question..i wouldnt even dare to ask a pilot of any major us airline if i coulc ride jumpseat with them..especially united or american..but if u check were able to take pics of the flightdeck...some from major us airlines..

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    A related issue... Say it's a 13Hr flight. That would require 4 crewmembers, right? Does all 4 get credited for the entire 13Hrs in flight hours?

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    Its mostly the same in the UK. I can travel with the airline I work with no problem, but passengers dont stand a chance - under any circumstances.
    I dont think there is a law about it, but its down to the individual airlines.

    Ive done the A320 and 757. Absolutely awesome.


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