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Thread: Alphasim C-130 Panel

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    Having recently purchased the excellent alphasim C-130,the aircraft is very good,the only thing that lets it down is the panel.I've downloaded another 'Herc' panel and replaced the alpha sim one,only to find that when I look out of the cockpit in 2-d mode the frame work of the original panel is still there..Any help on how I get rid of the old panel totally would be much appreciated.


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    check in the texture folder, there might be a panel bmp in there

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    Send me your E-mail address & I'll send you my modified C-130 panel whic is far better than the default Alphasim one & gives you full access to the virtual cockpit with no "doubling" up on any of the views. The modified panel is a hybrid of the default Alphasim panel, (for the virtual cockpit), & the freeware panel by Clive Ryan, who should be given full credit!

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