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Thread: small colored square around all aircraft lighting

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    Default small colored square around all aircraft lighting

    Recently a small, but irritating problem has arisen that I cannot resolve.

    There is a small colored square around all the aircraft lighting, a sort of square defined halo effect. The lights still flash inside the colored square, but this square "halo" effect is not very realistic. Perhaps it is just a setting change that would resolve the problem, however, I have not been able to determine what it might be.

    I cannot recall if this problem started to occur after a recent download installation, or what. Any help to resolve this visual problem would be appreciated.

    My video card is a Radeon 9700 Pro, but I have been running this card for some time before this problem recently developed.

    In advance, thanks for your suggestions.


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    I had the same problem on my Ti4200 one day want to go flying and had that box or whatever it was around the lights and just ended up reinstalling the same drivers and it fixed it right up havent had a problem since..That was my fix maybe you can try that.

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    Default RE: small colored square around all aircraft lighting

    Before you do a complete reinstall (or anything that extreme)..check this:

    When you see those boxes in-game, press the alt key to bring up the menu..go to settings and change you display resolution (for example, one lower than you're currently at). When you return to the game, look to see if they are gone. Then do the same and return to your previous setting and let us know if this works.

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    I had the same problem with my GF4/MX 440SE, I reduce antitroposing(sp) and antialiasing to 2x, and the little boxes went away.

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    Default RE: small colored square around all aircraft lighting

    Thank's for the suggestions, sorry it took me so long to reply.

    While these suggestions may work, in some instances, they did not work for me.

    I tried all of the different screen resolutions and none of the changes helped. I then changed drivers and that did not help either. I eventually re-installed FS2002 and that eliminated the problem.

    I did find out tho that the culprit was a bitmap in the texture folder. I did not find out which one it was since I had added roughly 4,000 additional textures and did not want to trace the culprit down. I could not identify a file that provided the lighting. So if anyone knows which bitmap is used for aircraft lighting, please let me know so that I can re-install the remaining bitmaps I have left out, for now.

    Thanks again for all that offered some advice.

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