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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-17-03 AT 04:55PM (EST)[/font][p]I have the PSS Dash 8 and it works fine. However, there has been quite some news about the Dash 8 of Oleksiy Frolov. I was wondering if there was anybody around who has both planes and can write a mini comparison or something. Or maybe someone knows where I can get some more screenshots of the panel (not that many on his site). I downloaded the sound sample and I was amazed by it (or was it from a real plane?). Does anybody think that his sounds are better than the PSS ones, becuase the PSS ones seem to be off a little if you ask me (not too much prop rumble and stuff).

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    You are right... his sounds are awesome. PSS in comparison, well, there are no sounds. Especially if you might have also noticed, there are no Dash 8 startup sounds with the PSS. The engine just springs to life without warning. I have read threads about this in the avsim forum, but the developers say that this is "reality." Right. Unless the pilot is deaf and turns on hearing aids right at ignition, you'll hear some compressor sounds.

    Fanda's sounds offer some pretty powerful turbine stuff. They are mind-crushing on takeoff, especially if you have subwoofers. It will make your palms sweaty.

    Fanda's instrument panel is also accurate to every gauge. The only problem, is that his panel is not very readable unless you use a super-high resolution. I can't read the comm/nav dials because of the font. I hope there is a fix for this soon, because it isnt necessary. Another small fix would be to get rid of the black dots on the windshield. They are distracting.

    Try Frolov's... Although the PSS has an awesome visual model, You don't fly a plane from outside the cockpit. Both are great products, but Frolov's is free, and has the best sound and functionality without an FMC.

    Brendan Ratchford
    Student Pilot

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    The startup sounds are a big fault in the PSS I agree. I'll download Oleksiy's dash 8 and see if i can use the PSS panel and plane with Oleksiy's sounds. I really fell in love with them after hearing the demo especially on takeoff like you said. they are just right on while the PSS sound more like a jet.

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    >You are right... his sounds are
    >Fanda's sounds offer some pretty powerful
    >turbine stuff. They are mind-crushing
    >on takeoff, especially if you
    >have subwoofers. It will make
    >your palms sweaty.

    The whole of Oleksiys' aircraft sounds are very impressive . I particularly like the sound when you go from cruise to "slow down" and set the props to full pitch. The sounds of the props and the sudden slowdown mid-air as the props bite the air are enough to make me really believe I am flying. I don't know if people fully understand that the way in which these sounds are created/handled are COMPLETELY different to all other FSim aircraft.
    >Fanda's instrument panel is also accurate
    >to every gauge. The only
    >problem, is that his panel
    >is not very readable unless
    >you use a super-high resolution.

    If you use a res of 1152x864 , you will find that everything is legible - including the radio digits. Stretching the size of the sub-panels helps a lot too.

    >I can't read the comm/nav
    >dials because of the font.

    See above

    > Another small
    >fix would be to get
    >rid of the black dots
    >on the windshield. They are

    Those dots are actually Australian flies squashed on the windscreen -- I have cleaned the windscreen for Oleksiy and , to get issued with a clean windscreen , you could ask him for one at the Dash8 forum at FSBALTIC.NET
    > Frolov's is
    >free, and has the best
    >sound and functionality without an

    FMC is coming.


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    wow! I cannot wait...

    Australian flies, huh??


    Brendan Ratchford
    Student Pilot

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