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Thread: IFR Flightplan bug?

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    I have created and saved an IFR flightplan from KSAN (San Diego) to KDFW (Dallas FortWorth) using high altitude airways. Now it seems the it might work the first time I fly it, I get handed off to departure and and put on a heading of 080 and later advised to resume own navigation which gets me to DFW, however the second time I load and fly the saved flightplan. I get told by departure to fly I heading of 050 and never told to turn to 080, or resume own navigation,. 050 does not take you Texas! Once I figured I'd just fly and see what ATC was going to do. I did this until I got handed to Miniapolas (SP?) center, and gave up.

    If I delete and recreate the flightplan it works the first time, the has the same problem the second flight, where I then cancel the flight plan and go visual on GPS.

    Has anyone else experianced any similar? I have tried to resinstall flightsim to fix, but no go.


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    This has happened many times too me and it is a bug of FS2002.

    Sometimes ATC will direct you in the wrong direction, and never head you back on course. If you fly IFR (as I do all the time) the only work around to prevent your IFR flight plan from being canceled, is to follow ATC directions until ATC hands you off to the next sector. Once you acknowledge the hand-off, don't contact ATC, but turn back on course and intercept you're IFR flight plan/track. Once you're close to intercepting, then contact ATC and you should be ok...

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