I have 3 computers synchronised in time in my cockpit and using wideview. I have synchronised their times so that I can have AI traffic moving across screens. This works where I use preset times but not quite well enough because of the difficulty of getting each computer on exact time Aircraft can pass just a second or so before they arrive!). Hence, why I have synchronised them so that they can pull system time off the Wideview server.
However, I simply cannot get FS2002 to actually work in system time even though I have set that as the option in "General" options. Even if I load a UI flight with no prior settings it does not use system time. I want to be able to predetermine a position and an aircraft without specifying a time and then have that flight load in system time so that my multi view screens then work in accurate ( .001 seconds ) synchronisation. I get no joy if FSUIPC is set with option to syncronise FS2002 time with system. trying to sync manually is hopeless because of slight differences in setting time in each FS 2002 and the differing loading times between computers.
I use Tardis as the time server software, and K9 as the client time update. Using Windows XP this requires turning off Windows Time Services, but even if I reverse that and try to sync manually I still cannot get system time. Intel P4, 2.4 Ghz machine.
Any wiz got a fix for this ?