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Thread: MS system and Swap

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    Lukaddalora Guest

    Default MS system and Swap

    Hi all!

    I was wondering wich MS system is preferable for using with FS2002, in terms of smoothness and FPS? Win XP, ME, 2000???
    Also, how do I manage to tweak the windows swap file???

    Thanks and regards,

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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    FS2002 works great with WindowsXP.

    Forget messing around with the swap file. There's really not a lot to be gained by tweaking it unless you know what you are doing.

    Rick - KPDX - Private Pilot
    P4-3.06GHz @ 3.4GHz 1GB-1066MHz

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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    Are you sure about that Rick? Found this -

    It would appear Microsoft have revised their thinking on this subject. Perhaps this is a perfect example of "What once was, is no longer...?"


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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    Well FS2002 was developed in the years of 98SE and ME with DirectX8.0a. So it just doesn't make any sense to use some new "bloatware" like XP with DirectX9 and hope to get any improvements from that.

    The only improvement that would actually happen is an increase in turnover for the IT industry.



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    tjkotula Guest

    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    Win2000 Pro is the most stable OS, but WinXP will also give you much improved stability over Windows 98SE/ME for a lower price than Win2000 Pro. But XP has its limitations. I wouldn't recommend running it with less than 256 MB RAM installed. I've seen it run w/ 128 MB and it takes a long time for programs to open. 512 MB is more or less ideal for XP. The great thing about XP is the stability though. I don't think I've had one 'illegal operation' or 'not responding' message since I upgraded a few weeks ago and I used to get them daily in Win98SE.

    Tim Kotula

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    Think you've got computer problems? You haven't until you've installed the latest version of FS!

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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    >Win2000 Pro is the most stable
    >OS, but WinXP will also
    >give you much improved stability
    >over Windows 98SE/ME for a
    >lower price than Win2000 Pro.

    Yeah that's a funny thing actually: The operating systems made by Microsoft are the only ones I know that for more than 18 years permanently become more stable! :-lol

    >... The great
    >thing about XP is the
    >stability though. I don't
    >think I've had one 'illegal
    >operation' or 'not responding' message
    >since I upgraded a few
    >weeks ago and I used
    >to get them daily in

    I never had any serious problems with ME either.



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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    Here's my take on it as far as 98 vs XP...

    Generally the newer the hardware, the higher the chance that XP will be the better OS; it is a FACT that "by the numbers" 98 uses far less overhead, but there's a pretty big percentage of combos out there with newer hardware that are simply built more around XP.

    A particularly glaring example of that is my Athlon XP processor, 98 will not run any game I own faster with it, and usually slower - natural since the processor is tailored for XP lol!

    Well, a lot of hardware is getting to be that way...

    Now, if the hardware is even more than ONE year old the odds of 98 being the best for gaming jump up dramatically.

    I'd say on the vast majority of hardware over a year old 98 will run games faster.

    ME is a pile of crap that only runs fine on about 15% of computers out there, and I've never tried gaming with Win2000...

    I imagine Win2000 would (possible extra drivers issues aside, and before any flamers react I said POSSIBLE) be pretty similar to XP since XP is just Win2000 made a little more "home friendly".

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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    >Are you sure about that Rick?
    >Found this -
    >It would appear Microsoft have revised
    >their thinking on this subject.
    >Perhaps this is a perfect
    >example of "What once was,
    >is no longer...?"
    That's because CFS3 is the biggest RAM hog of a game ever to walk the Earth. I made a pagefile on a second hard drive on the second IDE channel and it helped a little - and I read a long time ago in a book about FS2002 about that trick too. While the recommendation wasn't coming directly from MS, the book WAS endorsed by MS...

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    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    >I'd say on the vast majority
    >of hardware over a year
    >old 98 will run games

    Right you are!

    >ME is a pile of crap
    >that only runs fine on
    >about 15% of computers out
    >there, and I've never tried
    >gaming with Win2000...

    Don't agree with that! From where did you get this figure (talking about the "15" not the "2000" ;-) )?

    Either way I seem to be one of those lucky 15. And I love my ME - especially the system recovery function.



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    Lukaddalora Guest

    Default RE: MS system and Swap

    Hi all,

    And MUST I have the Swap file at the Windows HD, or can it be placed somewhere else???


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