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    I'm seeking some information from real pilots who know about the following aircraft:


    * What I'm looking for is information as far as what each aircrafts "typical" climb and descent rates are.

    * Also, how to go about using the weather, weights, fuel, etc to get a proper cruise altitude. I know most aircraft have a typical cruise of FL350 but dependendant on the weather, weight, fuel, etc, how to choose a slightly higher or lower ALT. I watch the AirNav-flight tracker sometimes and will see two aircraft heading the same direction, same aircraft but one may be at FL330 and the other at FL370.

    If anyone can help me out with this information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a million :-)


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    Have you got a few days? Because that's about the time we need to supply you with the info.

    It's hard to supply you with figures, because they are dependant on a lot of external factors, but I'll give it a try for the 737-300, -400 and -500 series:

    take off speeds:

    flaps 5, no slope, no wind

    -500 (20 K): V1 [121-129 kts], Vr [131-137 kts], V2 [139 kts]
    -400 (23,5 K): V1 [128-130 kts], Vr [131-133 kts], V2 [142-143 kts]
    -300 (22 K): V1 [127-132 kts], Vr [129-135 kts], V2 [139 kts]

    Climb rates are almost impossible to give, highly dependant on other factors such as the phase of climb. If it's not within 500 ft/min and 3500 ft/min, you're in trouble. (maybe lost an engine somewhere ?)

    in long range cruise mode, you should see following values on a 737-300:

    weight: 50000 kg, altitude: FL330, long range cruise power:

    %N1: 83,4
    Mach .745
    fuel flow per engine: 1114 kg/hour

    Vref:131 kts (50000 kg,flaps 40) on 737-300, to be adjusted with known wind and gusts

    maximum authorized altitude for the -300,-400,-500 series is 37000 feet. But you will never reach it if you're weighing more than 55000 kg at the time (depending on engine rating, of course). I don't know if it's more on the NG series.

    hope this helps a bit

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    Yes, that does give me somewhat of an idea. I have plenty of time, take all that you need. I fly every day of the week usually in FS and generally, as my name suggests. I fly Delta's current fleet which were the ones I mentioned although they are in the process of phasing out the M11. I generally like to follow their routes as well.

    Anything you can help me out with as far as "close to real" flight operations, I would appreciate it. The more real, the more exciting it is :-)

    I've been using FSNavigator to fly my aircraft and it automatically adjusts the V/S up and down during climb and descent but in the settings it asks for a "default vs". Most of the aircraft I have set to climb at 2000fpm for the 737 series, 1800fpm for the 727 since I heard it has a slugglish climb performance., and 1800fpm for the 767-MD11. Most of them I think I listed a 1500fpm descent; does that sound normal for the most part?

    Anyway, thank you again and let me know what you can dig up for me :-)


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