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Thread: Avionics Master Switch

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    kstanton Guest

    Default Avionics Master Switch

    Hello to everyone.

    I've been a visitor to Flight Sim Com for quite some time. More recently I've been logging on to the FS 2002 Forum. I have to say I'm amazed by the depth of knowledge demonstrated by the posts I have been reading.

    I hope I can contribute in some manner in the future.

    However, I do have a question.

    I have the FS2002 Pro version. Normally I stick to the default King Air and always operate this from a 'totally dead' situation. All switches and systems 'off' and less than 5% fuel in the main tanks. This ensures that I have to think a little more than I'm used to and follow the checklists etc. before I fly

    I thought I would be a little more adventurous and switch to the default Lear Jet. So now I know how to turn on the fuel etc. and get the aircraft up and running like I have to do with the King Air.

    But this item has me foxed! Is there an Avionics Master Switch on the Lear? I had already printed off the FS Handbook pages for the Lear and couldn't find it there and I looked through the kneepad reference sections too and could not spot it. The FS help pages didn't tell me what I wanted to know, maybe I was looking in the wrong section.

    It's highly likely that this is pure brain-fade. It's probably there and I've missed it. Am I looking in the right place? or does it not exist? I gave up after an hour, went back to the King Air, selected the Avionics 'ON' and changed back to the Lear to get the Avionics working.

    Sorry if this is a long post but as it's my first 'visit', so to speak, I didn't want to be too abrupt.

    Bottom Line question: Where is the Avionics Master Switch on the default Lear?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ken Stanton

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    Default RE: Avionics Master Switch

    Hi Ken, and Welcome to the forum....

    No, There is no Avionics Swtch in the defaualt Lear.

    One can be added to the panel, if you have the knowlage, on how to do so. Or, An easyier way to solve the problem, is to assign a keyboard command to the avionics....Do this while in 2002, by displaying the toolar (Alt+Enter), then click on options, then assignments. Then look for avions, and set the keystrokes for it (example Shift+A).

    If you need more help, or don't understand, be sure and let us know....

    Randy Burton

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    kstanton Guest

    Default RE: Avionics Master Switch

    Randy, that seems fairly straightforward. I'll have a go when I get home tonight.

    Thanks for the help.

    Ken Stanton

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    Default RE: Avionics Master Switch

    Your Welcome......:-wave

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    kstanton Guest

    Default RE: Avionics Master Switch

    Randy, it worked a treat.

    Thanks again.

    Ken Stanton

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    henry14 Guest


    Wow, I just realized this was in 2002, but I was wondering if any of you guys still check here, do you have any idea where the avionics master switch is on an fsx 777 plane

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