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Thread: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

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    Default FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    Current Owners of the FSD Seneca, What do you think of this plane?

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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    Its a plane..
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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    I've been waiting for the update that was promised "very soon" quite a while ago. It is supposed to fix a lot of "little" problems. As far as GA twins are concerned, until I see how these problems are addressed I would rate this as a distant second to the 421C from Flight 1.

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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    Its good, bit cruel on frame rates, otherwise good.

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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    It rocks. Handflies well. Problems don't really hinder it too much. A little low on framerates but fun to fly.


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    If you're a virtual cockpit user you'll find the Dreamfleet/Flight1 products better. The VC on this model doesn't feel right. Also the sounds are pretty ordinary, with some sounds coming in too quickly rather than gradual transitions. However it is a competent product.

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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Nov-25-02 AT 02:02AM (EST)[/font][p]- flight model : the plane flies well
    - 3d model : good
    - 2d panel : good and clear
    - vc : average, a little hit on frame rate due to the number of gauges, they had to make a compromise as usual
    - documentation : good, 55 pages
    - patch : yes, still to be released
    - sound : good, many engine sounds for different situations
    - overall : quality/price is fine, not exceptional

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    Default RE: FSD Piper Seneca V ----Reviews


    Don't recall your name from the FSD International technical support forum, so don't know if your problems are all addressed by other users or whether you have problems of your own..?

    So perhaps you could list all your `little` problems..?

    I have to say I do not share your view about the superiority of the 421, which is in any case in a different class to the Seneca V, being pressurised. The SV is far more fps-friendly, has a superior VC, a better flight model and `easier` engine management than the C421 (although not default-aircraft simplistic, no slamming of throttles here). It's also considerably cheaper as payware, and the quality of support from the devteam seems better than that provided by Flight One, for whom the C421 was an `ad hoc charter`, bringing in designers from other teams who have since gone on to other projects and are less available for support. Although their support forum is informative and forthcoming, too. The C421 also required patches and fixes before it `matured` and this seems to be the norm in sophisticated packages these days as it is simply not possible to beta test all possible combinations of system and FS setup prior to release.

    Anyway, I'm sure most or all of your problems will have been addressed by now, but it'd be good to get some substance behind an opinion.

    You also seem not too familiar with working practices at FSD International: They never give release dates. It's ready when it's ready.

    Also, the patch is not a `patch` per se, it's an upgrade. So there's more to it than fixing problems. I suggest you visit the technical forum mentioned above.

    Simon Evans

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    I would say it's fine. I use it from time to time because I paid for it, but it's not my favorite plane in the hanger.

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