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Thread: Flight Simulator For Windows 95?

  1. Lightbulb Flight Simulator For Windows 95?

    Does anyone still have a copy of this software or it's manual? I'm trying to see how it compares to my
    FS98 scenery wise? Same scenery as Fs98 or different? I'm trying to figure out which version of FS had the Giza pyramids first on the basic scenery!


    Christopher Tarana

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    Hi Chris, there's a guide book on Amazon for it here:
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    I actually downloaded a copy of Nick's book from the FlightSimBooks website but
    thank you for the link! He has a link to the amazon page there too.

    Thorsten Roesch uploaded a scenery file for FS95 here on His file has a readme file that states..."Since me and Mohamed are just totally crazy about Flight-Sims we were looking forward for FS95 to cover the Middle East area better then in FS5. But except for the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the 4 Airports(which where not only very sparse but also completly wrong!) .....well, we were pretty disapointed. So we thought since there is no one covering this area (except for Tal Izsak, who is doing some nice scenery from Airports in Israel and northern Egypt) we will do the job :-)."

    I also found a Japanese review of FS95 here...

    So without having to resort to the AW path, I'm settled to the fact that FS95 did have Pyramids too.


    Christopher Tarana
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    I have just run it (I have it) and the scenery is nearly as good as 98 default scenery. The real difference with 95 and 98 is the lack of accelerated graphics so one is limited to 640 x 480 and 256 color. So that is going to limit the detail available. However the feel of flying is just as good as 98 (and FSX almost) and the set up is exactly the same as 98,so really one could install and maybe run anything made for 98.
    However i must ask why are you wanting to use FS 95? Is it because you are running an old laptop or PC with Windows 95? Myself I really like old laptops with 98 or XP as so many older good programs wont work properly on Vista or beyond. Some programs don't run properly on XP! Its incredible but Aliens Vs Predator (the original and the best) needs W98 to run and some joysticks (sidewinder pro) wont work on XP!
    So maybe you have a lovely old laptop running W95.
    Anyway, I put FS95 on a W 8.1 laptop and it crashed within 3 mins so I never got to see if there are any pyramids or not! But I will try running it on one of my old laptops tommorow and get back to you.

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    My WinXP Desktop lacks a Floppy drive and my Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 does too. I actually have all the original manuals and floppy disks for FS4 and FS5. At one point I downloaded that FsHistory package that features FS2 to FS5 and some others too. That package uses Defend Reloaded to run the old dos flight simulators very nicely. Thats when I got to wonder when the pyramids first showed up before my FS98!!


    Christopher Tarana

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    Whoa! Floppy drive needed! They must be those really old and (probably)curled up and tatty floppies with coffee stains I had once for installing oldware Flight Sim files.
    If i may offer to help you in anyway I would love to. I know I might sound a bit big headed but I know probably more than any other sane mortal still living about old hardware for XP and 98. I just love those old Pentium 2 and 3 Desktops and Laptops.
    Right.Lets get started. You can get an old Dell external floppy drive easily. Because its USB, and you have XP, it will just work (Plug and Play). They are indestructable but unfortunately the floppies degrade badly. If you can get one your problem is solved.
    Thats if you still have all thefloppies, of course. TBH they come in sets of 8 (!?) and its easy to lose one (or three) so your bu''ered.
    However I still recommend you get one cos they cut out all the hassle whenever you want (if your as sad as me) to instal W98 SE (second edition, its much better than plain W98). You need a floppy disc to do so properly, in addition to the CD. Soooo many old flight sims need W98 o work properly. Red Baron, Comanche 3, Apache/Havoc all can stutter or crash even in XP if you want to use a joystick.
    I'm going on. Forgive me). But can I recommend that IF you come across an old Laptop from round 20001/2003 buy it as they got everything you need in one smaller package?
    The fun to be had is immense. Memory lane is a great place to visit!
    OK In answer to your question YES there are Pyramids, 3 big ones with a very nice Sphinx then if you head due south there are some more, Hang on.... just flying there now.......OK two more - one a stepped pyramid (very nice steps, I must add) and ...........MORE pyramids (two more) even further south. The scenery is pretty OK, accurate depiction of the Nile geographically and nice green and brown fields for the felahinn to work in. I'm impressed, its much better than I would have thought.
    So there you go. We have pyramids in FS 95. You need to take off from Cairo Intl airport and head South East - away from the very large city which is also well depicted.
    OK running out of fuel and so I am heading back to Cairo Intl. Don't want to crash in the desert and die of thirst. A nice cup of coffee and some sugar lumps are needed!
    FS95 is most certainly good enough!
    Hope this helps.
    PS Of course I got the latest Flight Sims and Kit.I design spaceships for films and games but I am going through a severe love affair with FS 98. I like both the Old and the New.
    You can see some of what I make at my You tube channel, taketimeout2.
    I am Bluntpencil, the 3D designer.

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    I found some Mexican Temples using FS98 North of Mexico City too!

    Christopher Tarana

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