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Thread: Changing Time and Season Question.

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    Hi all,
    When i load up FSX and select the airport i need, FSX usually sets the time at that airport which is wrong. When i click time and season to change this i have a huge delay, I sometimes wait 2-3 minutes for fsx to kinda unfreeze and give me the chance to change it.

    I wait a while to hear that "click" noise after selecting time and season, Is there any particular reason for this? I'm hoping to find a way to stop this delay.

    Could it be scenery addons and aircraft i have slowing it all down?

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    I have a slow processor and lots of addon scenery and aircraft, but only minor delays going between Free-flight Screen and Time/Season screen. Do you have FSX settings to run on your computer time? This should give you the correct time and season for any airport in the world.
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    reset time and dat in windows. use '"synchronise with online time" option.

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    Saved flights do a lot. You can save as many as you wish. Any saved flight can be made as the default. Nearly everyday I'll make a flight with my favorite plane of the day using today's time and date and ill save it as (Enter a saved flight name here) make that the default flight and that date and time will load everytime you load the sim untill you select another saved flight as the default.

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