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Thread: Article: Repainting in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Default Article: Repainting in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Thank you very much for posting this. It already answered several questions I had about repainting. I look forward to Part 2.

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    Thank you for this tutorial, also

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    Hi JanKees,

    Thanks for the tutorials, can't wait to really start.

    I even use a few of your repaints for the B-17G of A2A.

    I have repainted a lot of the PD and FCS Lancasters for the DamBuster projects of Ross McLennan. But by using an original paint and adapt that. Mostly the markings and reg.nrs.

    I use with extensions for psd and dds and good old DXTbmp.
    Maybe it is wise to change to one of the programs you mentioned. Will try Gimp as that will be the one I think most close to PS.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Koos van Menen
    The Netherlands

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    Dank je wel Jan Kees.

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    Much appreciated and much needed. Thanks a lot, so looking forward to the next installment

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    Looking forward to pt 2 having seen your work on WWII models and I have all the tools downloaded. I want to be able to paint AI. Thanks for taking the time to do this JanKees

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    Thank you JanKees; exactly where I was waiting for. I "paint" with your lecture, and make it a MLD C-47 ...
    Look forward to part 2.
    Dirk Meirik

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    Bedankt JanKees,

    I was de painting tutorial op de A2A wesite aan het volgen met het isee om mijn eigen prive paint voor de C-47 te kunnen maken.

    No heb ik twee bronnen om van te kunnen leren.

    Ik kijk uut naar "part 2"

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    JanKees Blom, Thank you.
    I am 65 old disabled guy, have a lot of fun flying planes with FSX. I always wanted to fly, but. I do have some favorites planes. I have wanted to do my own repaints, I just finished reading part 1. You have inspired me now, to try doing my own personal paint jobs. I will finish up reading 2,and 3.. You just may have give me something, I mite really like to do with my time, and I have a lot of it. Thank you.

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