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Thread: GoodWay v5 coming soon

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    Default GoodWay v5 coming soon

    Dear Pilotes,

    I hope it is the good place to present you the new GoodWay Flight Planner for X-Plane 10.51 and 11 (64Bits only).

    Have a fun and visit the web site begin of march.



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    Dear Pilots,

    GoodWay v5 is now released. But we had to solve problems of speed of sending the license due to a Paypal problem. We don't want your first GoodWay v5 experience has to be waiting for your license more than 2Mn after your subscription.

    Now all is running and you can go to

    Have a Nicest Flights,

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    I tried the demo version. Crashes XP 11

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    Suprising, please write to me by email, from on Contact button. I'm sure we will found what's append ;o)


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