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Thread: XP-11b3 gives lower FPS than b1/b2?

  1. Default XP-11b3 gives lower FPS than b1/b2?

    Interesting, but hopefully also just temporary. I got a noticeable drop in FPS after updating from beta 2 to 3. At several (all?) airports. Amounts to about 3 FPS less at KSEA and LSZH which is significant because rates were low (<20) there before already.

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    I have noticed the same thing. But this can be expected in the betas. Now it is up to Beta9. to me, I felt that Beta8 had the worst frames of all of them. But Beta9 has been a whole different game. I am getting wonderful frames, and haven't had any new issues. The only issues I have with it are poor shadows and ugly clouds. But I am definitely enjoying the sim now.
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