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Thread: fao Simon Evans

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    Captain_Slarty Guest

    Default fao Simon Evans

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Nov-13-02 AT 07:02AM (EST)[/font][p]yo dood ! :)

    Simon, you said in a recent post..

    "I reckon we must be getting to the limits of that coding, or else MS would never countenance a re-write of the game engine for the next edition..."

    thats interesting (re the game engine), can you offer more info ?
    (I am still catching up with things lol!)

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    Sonar5 Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    Nice to see you post again, Joe. Enjoy your Florida trip.


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    Welcome back to the madhouse! Been a long time. Time to stir things up. Wot say u?

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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    Yeah, the engine is, as I understand it, being streamlined and re-written to take advantage of DX8 (Did you know that FS2002 is actually DX7.0 compliant, and merely Dx8 compatible...?)

    It's early days, but I understand that all scenery will be created using GMax in the new version, which will only support Gmax and Gmax-compliant aircraft - no retro-compatibility this time around, except eith Gmax aircraft already available.

    The opportunity is being taken to (finally) separate CFS from FS and the new CFS3 may no longer be safely regarded as giving clues as to features in the new version of FS.

    If this is true I suspect we might see some useful improvements in some areas

    Simon Evans

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    Hello Simon

    Just a quick question. I'm fairly new to this forum, and have been enjoying your posts. I have used a few of your ideas and suggestions. Others may already know the answer to this question, but how do you know so much! Your posts have covered Flightsim at so many levels, from gameplay to hardware related issues etc. And your insight into upcoming versions gets the heart pumping, and forces me to start saving money for that upgrade, as I'm sure many of us base on Flightsims requirements!

    Just curious about one of the more influential contributors to this forum. I figure that once I know where you get your knowledge from, I will come up with that many more questions that I want to ask!

    Thanks again



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    mikeymcc Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    Pardon the interruption, guys ...

    Simon, are you receiving mail from me? (I'm not pressing you to reply, I'm only asking if you received stuff.)

    Mike McCarthy

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    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    With toungue in cheek, I will offer this thought. I bet Simon reads and learns from many sources just as he taught me to do. :-lol


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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    Yes, thanks Mike, I'll reply later when my e-mail account is less fractious!

    Simon Evans

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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    Bang on, Ernie.

    I read, I absorb, I regurgitate. Just occasionally, I originate...

    Simon Evans

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    Captain_Slarty Guest

    Default RE: fao Simon Evans

    JOE !! Sonar ma man.. great to see ya ' in the virtual sense lol'

    Athiruvoth.. stir thing up /....... ME ??.. I am a 'reformed character' lol.. I just read more........

    Simon, cheers m8, I will do some more digging on that unless you have some good links to save time Sir ??...

    the great thing is.. the forum has new faces, but it's underlying 'vibe' is the same.. a credit to Nels n Lou and Jeff n all the good guys n gals that make this site the best... jeeeeeez, I'm filling up..... :-)

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