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Thread: good 737-400 panel

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    Hi just want to know if anyone could tell me a good (freeware panel) that would be a nice upgrade from the default fs 2002 737-400 panel.

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    Anyone who ever tried the "Dreamfleet" panel will simply have to answer "No".



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    keesvantil Guest

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    The panel of Chris Alevritis is very good, though you will need a few extra's there, explained by him. Look on, it it about 4,4Mb. In the mean time look for the correct flight dynamics, posted by me on oct, 30.

    good luck

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    already downloaded the flight dynamics cant wait to try it :)

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    well since u were a real pilot that one looks great what about this one what do u think about this panel i found on vatsim?

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    It's not a 734 but an NG panel.



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    >In the mean time look
    >for the correct flight dynamics,
    >posted by me on oct,

    Hi Kees,

    please tell me whether your aircraft.cfg is "Dreamfleet" compliant.



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    keesvantil Guest

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    That -800 panel (NG) looks terrible, sorry...
    The panel of Chris Alevritis looks very good, although not perfect. I rebuild the panel myself to more or less KLM standards, but to publish that I will need approval from several authors.

    As far as I know the dreamfleet aircraft are not compatible with standard FS2002 aircraft.cfg/.air files, nor does it fly as it should fly. Of course, flying in FS2002 does stay far away from the real flying, but at least I could get the climbrates/pitch settings and basic movements close to the real airplane.

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    hey my fav aircraft is the 737-400 can u email me your email address. But anyway u are right the chris one looks alot better. U mean this one right

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    keesvantil Guest

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    I will ask the several authors for permission to make up a package combining all the good items from several downloads I have done, including a modified bitmap and true flight dynamics made by myself (on Avsim, dated oct 30)

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