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Thread: CFS3 no cd...

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    Default CFS3 no cd...

    Is there a no cd patch for CFS3?
    Thks. Alcatraz.

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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: CFS3 no cd...

    Wow! Less than 48 hours after release and already it's started.

    Give it some time, sunshine, it seems most people have barely got to grips with installing it yet.

    Simon Evans

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    Your first post...and what a great contribution to the forum. Of course, you're not bothered about're just bothered about getting a game free.


    Craig Williams.

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    Default RE: CFS3 no cd...

    Well, one could have a legitimate interest in a no-cd file and not have a pirated copy. I used one for a while with fs2000 and I still use one with CFS2. And I own BOTH of them. It just reduced the hassle of having to dig out the CD to start the game. I don't think that asking this question is particularly bad, unless you KNOW he has a pirated copy.

    However, as Simon says, the game's been out for only a few days now. Give it some time.
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    Default RE: CFS3 no cd...

    I agree with J.C.

    A patch for FS2000 saved me because im horrible with losing CDs.

    [font color= red]Ian Ritchie[/font color= red]


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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: CFS3 no cd...

    Given the `itchy & scratchy` CD holders some gullible MS purchasing department employee obviously bought job-lot from someone with shares in CD manufacturing plant, I'd say the fix is very necessary.
    Should keep MS exchange department in work for years, particularly with these faster CD/DVD drives that explode low-quality CD's.

    Simon Evans

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    Default RE: CFS3 no cd...

    One of the expenses I count as part of owning and using a computer is the purchase of plastic cases for my CD's, especially important ones like FS2002 and the MS OS. Sure, the manufacturers should have supplied them, but they save a few pennies per copy by using cheap cardboard or paper sleeves. I watch for sales at office supply stores and try to get the ones in transparent color, which helps me organize my growing collection. I also make use of crack codes when they become available to elimlnate the hassle of loading a CD every time I run the program, and to save wear and tear on the CD's. So far, (knocking on wood)I have not had a CD fail.

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    You going to ask when the patch is going to be released next?

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    For what its worth, once the program is up and running, the CD can be removed from the tray. You can then operate within the program until such time as you physically exit [quit]. If you wish to run the program again, after exiting, one of the original CD's must be in the tray once more.

    I have read of instances where CD's become brittle after being in trays for extended periods of time [hours], and can break apart from centrigugal force thus jamming the CD player. Therefore it is prudent to remove the CD when not needed.

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    I think the question can be a legitimate one. I am 30 years old, do pretty well, and never pirate a game. And for $50, which seems like more than it used to, simply because I have a lot of expenses now, should include a CD case. Better yet- FS2002 doesn't force you to put in the CD every time. I believe this kind of copy protection is only an annoyance to the legitimate game purchases. Obviously, the people who pirate them have no-cd cracks. If I happen to run across a no-cd crack, I will probably install it. My only concern with those cracks is that I am sometimes worried that it may make the game unstable- after all, who knows what can happen by mucking around with the code. This guy isn't asking for a copy of your CD, just a crack to make it easier to play. I'd bet the majority of guys that pirate these games never even play them. It's a weird theory, perhaps a bit old-fashioned, but I don't find any value in things that are free, much less stolen. But, on the other hand, I really don't like when when I purchase something legitimately, and the company sticks me with these annoyances.

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