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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Oct-25-02 AT 04:19PM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi everyone...
    Just a quick note to keep you up to date on the development of ActiveSky.

    The next version will be called "ActiveSky wxRE", and will be a brand new add-on based on ActiveSky 2002's core technology (wxRE means Weather Realism Engine). Lots of new features are already done and many more are still going in. Some of the new features include:

    - Smooth, intelligent visual cloud transitions - finally working!
    - Offline/cycle file use
    - Wake turbulence effect
    - Intelligent turbulence and icing
    - Microburst and windshear effects
    - Weather briefing interface
    - TAF awareness
    - Automatic changing of weather according to live TAF forecast information or preset/cycle TAF files. This ensures that you will never fly with 'stale' weather even if the METAR reports are old!
    - Internal FS Module control interface of ActiveSky's main runtime options. Also permits getting weather updates from ActiveSky while in-sim
    - Improved winds aloft simulation for areas outside of FD report coverage
    - Automatic control of FSUIPC's options for better realism effects including smooth wind, pressure and visibility transitions
    - Improved display routines for better cloud type selection, ground fog cloud layers and overall visual effects

    Over 1/2 of these new features are already working and being tested. This is truly going to be an exciting add-on thanks to the supporters of ActiveSky who shared their input and made quality suggestions. ActiveSky is an ongoing project that will continue to get more sophisticated and realistic, according to the user base's wishes! If you have any suggestions you would like to make, now or in the future, please do not hesitate to ask!

    ActiveSky wxRE is looking like it will release around December 1, 2002.

    Thanks again to all the supporters of ActiveSky !

    Stay tuned for more information at the Project: ActiveSky website ( A big announcement and screenshots will be released very soon.

    Thanks everyone!

    Damian Clark
    Hifi Simulation Software
    Developer of ActiveSky, the next-generation weather environment simulation for FS!

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    Hey Damian,

    Very good news to hear. With the list you mentioned, there is little more to ask for, yet I'm gonna do it anyway.

    Could you please replace the program icon with something else... ? :-) The Visual Basic icon just doesn't cut it... ;-)

    Just wondering. Looking forward to it.
    Coffee, anyone?

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    One simple request if it isn't too late and too much of a bother!!

    Can you have ActiveSky remember/save previous settings? Specifically, when you check off the weather reporting station annoucement, it will stay off the next time you start it up again.


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    Will your product deal with that annoying "blue sky horizon" which is visible on overcast days, unless the visibility is manually lowered to 3 miles. Or, is that a FS2002 problem that cannot be altered by third party add-ons. This is one feature that is so annoying.

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