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Thread: Simon Evans!!!

  1. Default Simon Evans!!!

    I still quite new at this forum but several times I came across unfriendly replies (not necessary to me) or statements from Mr. Simon Evans in this forum.

    My question is: Why is that!!! Does Mr. Simon Evans develop/creates and upload lots of freeware at this site to be shared? Really, I do not know!! Like I said I am new on this forum but I have uploaded several files to be shared by other members here (freeware) and sometimes I have the need to put a question and I feel like I might be bothering him and get a nasty reply from him or someone similar.

    This site survives with files we all create and share between each other, I think it would be nice to have a friendly atmosphere specially to new people, because they will probably bring more freeware for us to enjoy.


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    Simon Evans Guest

    Default RE: Simon Evans!!!

    Good. If I prevent just one inane question from being posted then it will have done some good.

    If you really need to ask a question then here's where you'll find the answer. Unfortunately, by this point in the sims life, usually one that's been posted before...
    If you haven't asked then it was probably a question that didn't need asking, or your reticence forced you to find the answer for yourself, which did you more good.

    However, it is blatant nmisrepresentation to suggest I am unfriendly. Rather, I really don't care if I'm friendly or not. I am here for my own education and amusement.
    We share a hobby. Don't ascribe more to it than that. Friendship doesn't come into it.
    I'm not trying to sleep with you. I'm not interested in your birthday or what you do for a day job or whether you have a sister, or what you had for dinner, or whether you're happy or suffering. Black, white, gay, straight, animal, vegetable or mineral is of absolutely no consequence to me. I help where I can because it suits me, and I take more than I give. If I were handling this is my professional life, you would already have a large invoice - and I haven't answered you yet.

    And that means I might be friendly, I might not. But you need to analyse the complete body of work to discern whether I'm unfriendly or not. Get started, and we look forward to the result of your researches once you've looked at and compiled and catalogued all 4,000+ posts.

    And I do contribute to FS. In ways you'll never know...

    Simon Evans

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    Default RE: Simon Evans!!!

    Simon cuts to the chase, which suits me.
    Peter Sydney Australia

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    Blooody hell....stop whinging!


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    >Does Mr. Simon Evans develop/creates
    >and upload lots of freeware
    >at this site to be
    >shared? Really, I do not

    Is the development and creation of freeware your only criteria as to whether a person can post their opinions here? Just curious.

    If so, I guess that *many* of us should be prohibited from giving our opinions.
    THE most misspelled word on the Internet = LOOSE for LOSE
    LOSE = something lost
    LOOSE = not tight!

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    Default RE: Simon Evans!!!

    maybe Simon should have his own FAQ here at the forum, considering how many there are (is?) asking those kinds of questions.

    as a matter of fact, the proper response IMO to your question in this case would actually be: Search the forum, it has been answered before


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    It matters not a bit whether Simon is an irritating boor or not. All I care is that the few times I have posted an inane question that he has seen fit to answer, he has pointed me in directions I did not know existed and saved me countless hours of frustrating searching.

    If you ask how to make a wheel, he will grouse and fume and tell you the wheel has already been invented, you twit, and maybe you should try searching! In the end he will show you the way in his own odd manner. But he will show you the way.

    I think he adds a sort of grumpy old man ambience to the site that keeps us from being boring.

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    Default RE: Simon Evans!!!

    yeah, that Simon dudester does like to bust peoples' chops :)
    alright with that, so Simon you asked me "why the 737 developers made a contract with a Big Bad PT (aka Ariane)?".

    the answer is pure simple: they didn't know PT was a Big Bad Dude.
    And now they have no choice.
    Alex who likes "cars that fly"

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    I do not think most people are here to know about someone’s personal live, but mostly follow a friendly attitude. No, There are no criteria about the posts to me, but just a curiosity to know about Simon Evans, but regarding him will be the 4000+posts and something more I will never know.

    Anyway, I had no intentions to start a war, just get to know more about the reason behind is attitude sometimes. Maybe is what same say, stupid questions.


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    Default RE: Simon Evans!!!

    >as a matter of fact, the
    >proper response IMO to your
    >question in this case would
    >actually be: Search the forum,
    >it has been answered before

    Why ? So what if it's been asked before. What is the problem asking a question that's been asked before ? On my computer, the search function does not all. I even tried looking up posts made by me results came up. I don't know why it is this way, but the fact remains that it is. That brings up the thought that perhaps, just perhaps there are other folks around here with the same problem. Now, suppose someone asks a question that the "veterans" deem simple, stupid, or is a they need to justify to anyone why they are asking their question ? I think not. Me personally, I absolutely refuse to put a disclaimer or a justification as to why I am asking a question. That is my business and my business alone. All too often I see something like " I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer. Please don't bite my head of but....." It is asinine that people are intimidated on this forum to the point that they either fear to post a question, or feel they need to justify their question. If you don't like the question, move on. It is of no ones concern as to how a question is asked, why it's asked or how often it's been asked.
    And I completely disagree with Simon on his ideas about not trying to make friends or not caring about their personal life....that is his opinion and his right to feel that way, and I'm not condemning him for feeling as such, but me - I'll never have too many friends. I cherish new friendships and I have made a lot of new friends on this and other flightsim related boards. Maybe he has all the friends he needs....but that doesn't mean everyone shares his values & ideas. And if he is so unconcerned with people, and is here for his own edification - by his own admission, then why Simon, are you so concerned about "teaching people to find their own answers" as you all so often like to say when someone asks a question the you feel they should already know or should know where to find the answer ? Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure the original poster's statements are 100 % fair to Mr. Evans as there are times that he offers information that is of great benefit to all....but there are times that the general tone of this forum is a bit on the negative side. And, the bandwagon often seems to be full up at times with the RTFM & use the search function type responses ( sucking up comes to mind ).

    This, of course is JMHO....feel free to flame me if you so desire. I'm not one to dance around the topic, rather I prefer to say it like it is. If it gets me in trouble, so be it.

    Best regards,


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