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Thread: Ai ship traffic for FSX / P3D.

  1. Thumbs up Ai ship traffic for FSX / P3D.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Dx9.
    AI Ship Traffic for FSX and P3D ©Henrik Nielsen available on FlightSim library (Part 1 2 3 4)
    FTX Global v1.30 & FTX Vector v1.20
    Rex Essential+OVD
    Hifi Active Sky 2014 Next SP1B live weather update.
    Photoshop edition.
    Ciao Viva & Have Fun !

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    That looks great, I downloaded the whole bunch but didn't install them yet. Is it worth to try it out? I like your pics

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    Looks nice there Bill!
    It is worth installing Peer, I does not effect my fps at all and I've got ai boat traffic set to 100!]
    I love those AI Boats.
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    Trolling the boats, eh? Very nice pics, sir! I may have to check into the AI ships, too. I never have AI ships activated in the sim but may try it out.
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    Very nice Bill.

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    I like your ships Bill, I guess it is in the library/

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    Very impressive traffic. It's only a small addition, but it makes a huge difference to the realism of the sim. I especially like the MSC liner in #1; the Magnifica pays frequent visits up here during summer.
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    Great stuff Bill, nice shots!!

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    I like the Cruise ship pic, Bill!

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    might consider getting that, but I never fly near enough to the water to actually see it
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