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Thread: Air Speed & Wind Sound

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    Here is a perplexing question...As one knows, the volume of the wind increases as your IAS (Indicated Air Speed) increases. My normal maximum speed is about 290 KIAS. The wind volume does gradually increase upon climbing to cruise alt/spd.

    Here is the tricky part. Once descent is begun, the wind volume remains high until I drop to 250 KIAS at 10,000ft. The question is this. Is there any way to have the wind volume increase and decrease with ground speed to make a smoother transition. I use FSNavigator to fly and it automatically adjusts the air speed for me, so it stays at 290 until about 11,500ft and then drops to 250, 240, 230, etc...

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. If you are still confused but think you might be able to help me, ask me what you need to know. Thanks :-hmmm

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    Look in the sound.cfg file for the particular plane/sound you want to change. Find this section and edit as you would like.



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