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Thread: Scenery Library Order

  1. Default Scenery Library Order

    Does anyone see anything wrong with my list? Seems like everyone has a different opinion on this subject, some say stuff like Orbx and My Traffic should be at the top, others say it doesnt matter. What is 2014's opinion?

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    I'm sure that as soon as I post, someone more knowledgeable will correct me, but to help kick off an informative discussion, here goes....

    That Orbx Vector directory third from the end sure seems out of place.

    I normally try to put my landclass scenery below my regular scenery (referring to your placement of Orbx OpenLC files) - but I don't think it really matters.

    Based on my own observations: Scenery objects are all added together (which can result in flashing textures if say two buildings occupy the same space); Scenery landscape - those closer to the top trump those below when occupying the same space; Landclass - those closer to the top trump those below when occupying the same space. Mesh - Seems to be all melded together into a generally cohesive layer. Vector - really not sure, though it makes sense that the higher should trump the lower. Airport elevation corrects - also not sure and I'd like to know how these and multiple mesh layers co-exist.

    I don't know what all Orbx puts into their libs (never got a straight answer on their forum) so putting it near the top (at least above everything else Orbx) has been my approach.


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