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    Cloud-Flyer Motion Flight Simulator Starts Production

    Much anticipated update of the award winning Dream Flyer motion flight simulator starts production. For more than five years, since retiring from Dream Flyer, Doc Holloway has been perfecting his gravity powered motion simulator cockpits. The first production run has started in Canada.
    If you are a gamer and like regular or combat simulators, you'll love the Cloud-Flyer, it works with all flight simulator programs, and you can shoot down the Red Baron or fly under the Golden Gate Bridge, but you'll have to fly it like a real airplane, not an arcade game.
    Pilots, when you haven’t flown for a while, you forget where some of the gauges and switches are positioned. Spend a couple of hours on the Cloud-Flyer to re-familiarize yourself with the instrument layout and your flying field. Brushing up on flight procedures in a Cloud-Flyer requires no discipline… forcing yourself to get off it eventually… well that is another matter.”
    New pilots and students will be able to refine their feel of the controls and gain confidence for a more reasonable cost. Flight instructors, who have experienced the Cloud-Flyer claim it is the most realistic simulator they have used.
    The Cloud-Flyer motion simulator is perfect!
    • The price is 1/3 less than the Dream Flyer.
    • It ships in a box 1/6 the size so shipping will be much more reasonable.
    • It has crank operated trim, no more adding weight.
    • It is adjustable for vertically enhanced or deficient pilots
    • Best of all it performs.
    How realistic is it? The only way we have to gauge is that experienced pilots feel tight at home, simulator pilots struggle a little at first, but beginners take less than 10 minutes to catch on. The better the pilot, the better it works. The reason for this is the system is unique. A real airplane doesn’t go exactly where you point it like an arcade game, but requires lead in and out of a maneuver or oscillation will result. Without correction it can bring down a Piper cub or a 747. For the powered simulators, oscillation is difficult to create and ignored. The Cloud-Flyer does it automatically, producing more realistic action than the most exotic simulators, with the following advantages:
    • doesn’t take a lot of space, it fits in a closet,
    • doesn’t require a main frame computer, it will run off a notebook
    • doesn’t require a team of techies to keep it running
    • doesn’t cost millions of dollars
    The Cloud-Flyer is being funded on Kickstarter with a very good introductory price. Check it out at
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