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    Default ERJ -135/145 Panel

    I have been flying the real nice Project Opensky ERJ-135/145 aircraft and I am looking for a good freeware panel that is somewhat "frame-rate-friendly". I've done a search here in the library, but didn't find too many to choose from. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

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    It looks pretty darned good to me, if you compare the .jpgs in the file to photos of the real panel on it's hard to tell them apart. It even has the classic Embraer "handlebar" yokes.

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    Wow, I missed that one. That is a NICE looking panel. My original search was for "ERJ" panel, the panel that you listed in your reply wasn't in my search results.

    Thanks again for your help!


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    Sometimes a broader search parameter is much more rewarding. I just entered Embraer and got a complete listing of ALL panels for all of the Embraer aircraft.


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    Try the Embraer-145 panel for FS2004 by Bill Gabrowski at the site below. It's my opinion that it's one of the best panels ever made for this aircraft.

    Good luck

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    Thanks so much for the link!!! Yes, it does look like a great panel, I"ll give it a try!!!

    Thanks again,


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    Just downloaded and installed the Bill Grabowski panel. It looks really good. I noticed the heading and course adjustment knobs only move in 10 degree increments. Is there any way to fix this? Also saw that when I change the IAS setting the vertical speed changes to 600 fpm. Thanks for any help with this.

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